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Apple Term 1

Apple Class have had an amazing start to their first week at Primary School. We have been busy getting to know each other, playing circle games, initiating our own play both inside and outside and having a walk around the school finding out where everything is. 
We have been making the most of the sunshine and spending lots of time learning outdoors. The trim trail is great for our balance, co ordination, gross and fine motor skills. The children have been learning all about each other, they really enjoyed sharing their family photographs that have been hung on the wall in our home corner. We have been busy making dens, building towers and doing lots of writing. Our Write Dance sessions have been based on the story 'The Volcano'. The children use both hands to create art to music and the results are beautiful! 

This week we have been taking part in lots of physical activity! We have started PE lessons with Pure Sports on a Tuesday alongside Write Dance on a Thursday. Lots of children are choosing to spend time outside during Child Initiated Activities. We have been washing clothes, washing the tyres in the garage, painting, chalking and digging. Whilst the children are having lots of fun they are developing many skills. 

Outdoor fun! Apple Class have been enjoying the great outdoors, we are so lucky to have such a wonderful large space to play in. The children have been experimenting with the gym equipment, exploring the wooded area, playing games in the gazebo and having fun on the trim trail.
We visited the library today and had some special time to explore the vast range of books it has to offer. The children loved every second, sharing stories with friends, reading independently and listening to a story read by Miss Cane. 
I challenged the children this afternoon with 'The Paper Chain Challenge'. Watching the tv programme- 'The Secret Life of Four and Five Year Olds' inspired me to give this a try with our lovely children. The aim- stay chained together during Child Initiated Activities, 45 long whole minutes! The children who managed to cooperate, discuss plans and manoeuvre around our classrooms won a prize. There were many prize winners, they did so well! 
We kicked the week off with an Autumn walk. The children worked in pairs to find things and tick them off the list. They then used the items they had collected in their play. Counting, sorting, ordering and items was a popular activity! 
Along with our wonderful helpers, we had a walk around Hadlow village. The children were looking at the different types of houses, noticing numbers and shapes in the environment. It was a great trip out, all the children behaved beautifully!

Here are some photos of the children during CIA time. When working independently they are curious, they sometimes work on their own and sometimes in teams. They are careful, considerate and kind. They like to make music, dances and poems. Writing is evident everywhere! They love to create, build and design. They also love to get messy outside! 


Reverend Paul White gave us a tour of our church; Saint Mary's. We learned about the ceremonies that take place there, how the Christian Faith is worshipped and the children tried on some religious gowns. 
The children asked to do baking one afternoon, so the next day we made some rice crispy cakes! The children melted the chocolate, mixed in the cereal and then decorated their cakes. They then wrote labels for their cakes whilst they set. They enjoyed eating them in the garden!
Using Talk 4 Writing, our children have been learning a story called- 'The Little Brown Mouse'. They have reinvented the story and created their own versions. Here are some photographs and videos of them retelling the story. I'm so proud of them, I could burst! 


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video
Patricia Carey, a Nurse, came in to visit us this morning. She is Maisie and Maia's Grandma! She talked to us about the body, took our blood pressure and pulse, showed us how to use a stethoscope and we even did a senses test! The children used their noses to smell vinegar, mint and lemon. They tasted sugar, salt and lemon. At the end of the session, she read us a story about a giant who lost some of his senses. The children thoroughly enjoyed her visit and we can't wait to see her again soon!