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Cherry term 3

We Love Reading!


We came into the classroom last week to discover that our book corner has been transformed into a soft, cosy space. We now love reading even more because we get to snuggle up on the beanbags and enjoy our favourite stories. It really feels like home, especially as it is decorated with our special photos from home.

Science Week 2018


Science week has certainly got off to an amazing start! Today, Miss Hooper led an assembly to launch Science week and told us about all of the fun things we will be getting up to this week, in the week of exploration and discovery. Mr Rule then took over and carried out a few experiments, which luckily all went to plan.


This afternoon was dedicated to exploring the scientific skills we will need to help us throughout the week. A range of activities were set up around the classroom to help develop our observation, questioning, sorting and classifying skills. We also developed the skill of using a magnifying glass. Miss Chapman didn't tell us how to do anything, we were simply left to explore and discover :)

We had a great Science Week in Cherry Class! We took part in lots of exciting activities and learnt so much about Exploration and Discovery.


Twisted Fairytales

This morning, we received a special, mystery parcel in assembly that was full of props. These props gave us clues about our topic for this term. After some careful thinking and talking time, we guessed our topic; 'Twisted Fairytales!' The first book that Cherry Class are focusing on in our ‘Twisted Fairytale’ topic is yet to be discovered, but we know that the Author is Anthony Browne. We begun by looking at the illustration on the front cover and predicting what the story may be about and what fairy tale it may be based on. e made up our own title and blurb for the book. We can't wait to find out the real title!



Picture 1
Picture 2
We looked at the first illustration in the book (a picture of a storm) and made up our own music compositions to recreate the sounds of the storm. We then used this inspiration to write a class poem, which included lots of exciting descriptive language.
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We now know that the mystery book is called 'Into the Forest' and we have spent this week exploring the whole text. 


First, we performed a reader's theatre to improve our reading aloud skills. The story was divided up into parts and each group had a part to practice and perfect. They then read their part to the whole class using expression, character voices and eye contact, as well as other super reading skills.


We then created our own story maps to retell the story, using key words, pictures and arrows. This helped us to remember the main events in the wonderful 'Into the Forest' story. This then helped us to retell the story through drama!

Picture 1
Picture 2

In PE we have been using dance to retell the boy's journey through the forest. We created a group dance which showed the boy's frightening ordeal as he wandered through the forest, haunted by the fear of wolves.