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Cherry Term 3

Twisted Fairy Tales

Jack and the Baked Beanstalk

We entered our classroom to find that a beanstalk had grown! But this wasn’t any ordinary beanstalk, this was a baked beanstalk! This was the clue that revealed our next book, Jack and the Baked Beanstalk by Colin Stimpson.

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We began by reading the first part of the story, which had many similarities and differences to the traditional tale. We put ourselves into the shoes of Jack and imagined how he may have been feeling at key points in the story. We focused on up-levelling our emotive language (words to describe our feelings) and gathered lots of excellent words.

We carried out some hot seating, where Leah was put in the chair and played the part of Jack! All the other children asked ‘Jack’ about how he felt at different points in the story. Our star actress answered them with lots of super emotive language, tone and expression.

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Finally, we used everything we had learnt about the story to write our own diary entries, imagining that we were Jack and we had just discovered the beanstalk. Should we climb the beanstalk?

Into the Forest

The first book that Cherry Class focused on in our ‘Twisted Fairytale’ topic was Into the Forest by Anthony Browne. We began by looking at the illustration on the front cover and predicting what the story may be about and what fairy tale it may be based on. We made up our own title and blurb for the book.

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We looked at the first illustration in the book (a picture of a storm) and made up our own music compositions to recreate the sounds of the storm. We then used this inspiration to write a class poem, which included lots of exciting descriptive language.

In the story, the boy’s Mum says “Don’t go into the forest, go the long way round” We acted out a conscience alley to show the good and bad thoughts that the boy was having. Should he go into the forest? We read on to find out more...

On his journey through the forest, the boy met many Fairytale characters. We divided the script into sections and performed them aloud in small groups. This was our reader’s theatre. We worked as a team to make sure that everybody read with a loud clear voice and lovely expression.

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Finally, once we read the whole book we created story maps to retell the story and then we made our own Into the Forest story books. What a success!

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Our topics in maths this term have been Fractions and Data Handling. We began by investigating fractions of shapes and amounts and the children were learning to recognise and find fractions of both. We did lots of practical investigations using bean bags and hoops in the hall before moving on to use division calculations to help us find fractions of numbers.

For our data topic we used a tally chart to find out what the class’s favourite traditional tale was, we then used this information to create pictograms and bar charts. Cherry class were then able to interpret the data and answer questions about the most and least popular story choices and the differences between some of them.

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Our science topic this term has been plants, which has linked to our Jack and the Beanstalk theme in English. We have learnt about the different parts of plants and their functions, we have looked at lots of different types of plants and used observational skills to identify their similarities and differences. We then carried out some practical investigations to discover what happens to plants if they do not have sunlight or water. We also planted our own seeds and the class were set the challenge of looking after the seed at home over the half term seeing who can make the beanstalk grow the tallest!


In DT this term we have been designing and making a wind-up Jack and the Beanstalk themed toy. We began by evaluating real wind-up toys and discussed and labelled the main parts. We then thought about how we were going to make our own ones. We drew a design and wrote lists of materials and tools we would need. We have had lots of fun making them and have used lots of different skills such as painting and collage to decorate our toys and sawing to cut our wooden dowelling to size.
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Outdoor Learning Day

We had a fantastic start to the term with our Outdoor Learning Day, despite the freezing conditions! The children were all well wrapped up and enjoyed a range of different activities such as stories and hot chocolate, role play in the bandstand, toasting marshmallows on the bonfire, team games, mud pies and making wind streamers. It was great to be outside in the fresh air all day and the children all enjoyed and benefited from the activities that had been organised. One child commented that it had been the best day at school ever!