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Cherry Term 5

Outdoor Maths

This morning we have had an outdoor maths session. We set up five different stations and each group had a turn at the different activities. The activities included measuring capacity, measuring length, making 2D shapes, making symmetrical patterns and using chalk to set maths problems for each other to solve.



Outdoor Maths Photos

Maths Challenge



This afternoon, Cherry Class celebrated the end of our special learning by spending the whole afternoon learning (and playing!) outside! For the first part of the afternoon, we were set the tricky challenge of building our own 3d shapes using..... marshmallows and spaghetti! With a little perseverance and wonderful team work, we all succeeded and surpassed our initial expectations. Look at the amazing shapes we made!

Author Visit


Today, Cherry class were visited by the Author Michael Walter, writer of the Buzzy Friends series. Michael spent some time telling us about his stories, read our favourite one aloud and answered questions that we had for him. It was really interesting to speak to a real author and find out about his job, especially as some of us have become real life authors with our poems published in a book!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Week 4


It has been another busy week in Cherry class with lots of preparation for SATs going on. We have been revising  lot of the concepts covered in Maths over the year and in particular this week we have looked at partitioning, rotation, multiplication and division. Can you challenge the children to find out how much they remember?

Paired work on partitioning in Maths.

Paired work on partitioning in Maths. 1

Beautiful presentation in Maths!

Beautiful presentation in Maths! 1
In Art we are continuing our work on colour and this week we were inspired by the artist Paul Klee. We looked at lots of his work and identified his effective use of colour to create different moods in paintings. We then created our own tints by gradually adding more white to a base colour. The finished results were very effective.

Art - Paul Klee inspired tint painting.

A Little Magic Goes A Long Way...

The Easter Story

This week we have been spending the afternoons learning about the Easter Story. We have learnt about all of the significant events in the final week of Jesus' life, as well as his resurrection on Easter Monday.


On Tuesday we focused on Palm Sunday, when Jesus rode to Jerusalem for the final time. Watch our stories to find out more...

Part 1

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Part 2

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Part 3

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The Magic Box


This week we have been exploring the poem 'The Magic Box' by Kit Wright. We sat in the newly decorated book corner as Miss Chapman first read the poem to us, and then we realised something... the book corner was the Magic Box from the poem! The poem includes many magical objects including; cowboys on broomsticks, a black sun, a Chinese dragon and a leaping electric fish, all of which are in our book corner! We got into small groups and drew story maps to learn a part of the poem off by heart. Once we were confident with the words, we added movements and props ready for performance.

Magic Box 1

Still image for this video

Magic Box 2

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Magic Box 3

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Magic Box 4

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Stunning Start!

On Tuesday we were welcomed back to school with our stunning start for the term, a magician performance! Harry the magician performed a few of his favourite tricks in assembly and then spent time in each classroom, revealing his wonderful magic to us. We were amazed and also a little confused. A little magic really does take the mind a very long way!