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Chestnut term 1

Week 3


This week we have used figurative language to describe a river and some of our descriptions are fantastic! We have written them up neatly and pictures of our incredible display will follow.

Week 2


This week we have started with an RE day all based around Judaism. 

The children have learnt all about kosher foods, Jewish family life, the synagogue, some Jewish festivals and the Torah. 


We have looked at the Torah and followed the rules of looking at the Torah by using the yad. 


We created our very own scrolls and wrote out the 10 commandments, which the Jewish people believe God passed onto Moses. 





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Welcome to Chestnut!

Hello Everyone and welcome back to School for a brand new year! I am so excited to have you again and I cannot wait to get started!


Just a few reminders


PE kit must be brought in on a Tuesday and a Friday


Spellings, times tables and Homework will be given out Friday


Spelling and times table tests will be completed on Fridays and Homework should be back in school by the following Wednesday.


Reading diaries and books should be brought in daily and the children should read with an adult at least 5 times per week. A 10 token reward is available weekly for those reading 5 times or more.


Any other questions, feel free to talk to me at the door.

Week 1- Maths

This week we have begun learning about place value in year 4 we have to learn numbers all the way up to 10,000 so we have been using a variety of different techniques to master this skill.

We have been using the number tokens to make numbers using the correct place value, and we have been partitioning numbers. We have started to move onto reading and writing numbers in words. This is quite tricky but we are all trying very hard! I am very impressed with the children's work so far!


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Peer Massage


You may have heard your child talking about peer massage, this is something that the whole school have adopted to promote the children's wellbeing and ensure that they are calm and relaxed and ready to learn each day.


The children are very good at it and are mastering their skills each day. We have had very positive feedback about it so far!