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Chestnut Term 2

Week 4

Week 3

Investigating Gases


This week we are starting with a Science day all about States of Matter. This morning we have been investigating gases, we have been thinking about how heavy carbon dioxide in different fizzy drinks is. 


We predicted which fizzy drink we thought was the heaviest and then conducted a fair test to find out. 

English- playscript


This morning we have been using a play script and acting out Jimmy and the Pharoah. The children followed the stage directions and we had some fantastic acting in the hall. 


The children will be writing the next scenes of the play using the correct features of play script.

Steps in time


This morning we were visited by Oliver, he did a fantastic performance all about the Ancient Egyptians, he taught us all about mummification, the different gods and the journey to the afterlife.

Our Classroom



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Week 2 


The children had an amazing RE day on Monday where they were learning about this terms religion of Christianity. They were learning about Advent and its meaning. They made the five candles and wrote about what they mean to Christian's and what they personally mean to each of the children. 

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Performance poetry 


Today the children performed a poem all about Egypt, they learnt it by heart and performed it.

A journey through Egypt

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Part 2

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Welcome to Term 2


This term we are our topic is the Egyptians! The children are very excited to learn about them! Our classroom is decorated ready!



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The children explored the writing used by Ancient Egyptians and then wrote their own messages and decoded each other's! 

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