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Chestnut term 3

Welcome to Term 3

Week 5



This week we have written our own newspaper articles. We have used examples from year 6 to help us. 

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Week 4



This week in English we are going to be writing a newspaper article about Mr Tumnus being kidnapped by the White Witch. The children have been looking and analysing some fantastic examples of newspaper reports from years 5 and 6 to help give us inspiration. 

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This week we have moved onto decimal numbers and we have been finding out what happens to whole numbers when you divide them by 10 or 100. 

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This week we have been classifying different animals, after we sorted them we learnt about their name features. 

We have been using our new laptops to make some fantastic PowerPoints about one of the animals we have been learning about. 

Week 3 

Science week


This week is Science Week and we have so many exciting activities planned and the children are loving it! 

We have planned our own investigations and had a forensics afternoon with Miss Hooper, the children really loved doing their own fingerprints and looking at secret messages under the black light.

Science Fair


This afternoon we visited the Year 6 Science fair to see the incredible interactive displays they have been working on. The children loved finding out about the various topics including; Women in Science, sound, the human body and many many more. 

Week 1

Welcome back to Term 3, we have a very busy term ahead of us and an awful lot to fit in. 


This term we are going to be learning all about the Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S Lewis. 



We have started off the year with our New Years resolutions and understanding wellbeing. We have created two resolutions, one of which is school based and one that could be based around anything. 

Week 2

RE Day


Today we have had our RE day, we have been learning about pilgrimage and why Christians and other faiths go on these journeys to Holy sites.

We also thought about and wrote about our own special journeys and acted out important journeys we have travelled on. 




This week in English we have been learning all about speech marks and we have created a conversation between Mr Tumnus and Lucy. The children did role play to practise the conversation.