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Chestnut term 4

Term 4

Week 4

We have been learning how to find fractions of amounts.

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In French we have been learning about classroom instructions.
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Week 3- Book Week 

The Big Book Swap 


On Monday, we had the big book swap where we went around to different classes and read with children from all different year groups. 



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Hadlow Rural


On Wednesday, we walked to Hadlow Rural and took part in drama workshops and read with some of the students. 

In the drama workshops we played some funny games and then we learnt about using our bodies to create shapes and freeze frames. 

In the learning resource centre we read and shared books with some year 10s and one of the students even read to us about inspirational women in the world as Thursday is International Women’s day. 

Art afternoon


On Wednesday afternoon we had a mission from Mrs Shrimpton to bring the settings from our whole school story together and create a huge class collage. We got extremely messy but had a great time. 

Art afternoon


I think you’ll all agree that the final collages created by each class are fantastic! 

Parents sharing stories 


On Thursday morning, the parents came in and read with the children, we had parents on the carpet, parents on the tables and even parents the in the sleigh. They all enjoyed the morning and sharing books with the children.

Internet safety day


This term started with a fantastic day learning all about internet safety. We learnt all about social media and the benefits and the dangers of using it. We also took part in a whole school assembly which was fantastic. Well done Chestnut class. 



This term we have started by learning about fractions. We have focussed on recognising and finding equivalent fractions. 

Week 2

Life of a Vicar


We had an a RE day today and we were learning all about the life of a vicar. We went to the church and were given a personal tour and question and answer session with Vicar Paul. The children learnt lots and they really enjoyed our trip. 

Snow day 


The children had a lovely day in the snow this Tuesday and had a great time taking pictures which I’m sure you’ll agree are lovely. 

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