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Hadlow School offers a wide range of learning experiences throughout children’s primary education. Children may be taught as a whole class, in groups or as an individual, depending on the nature of the subject.


The National Curriculum lays down the content of the programmes of study. It does not prescribe ways in which the curriculum should be delivered but it influences the school’s own polices and schemes of work.


Literacy teaching conforms to the National Literacy Framework and maths lessons conform to the National Numeracy Strategy. Both are taught at set times each day.


The information on the following pages has been prepared by staff to provide you with a brief insight into the way we manage the learning of the children in our care.


Overall, we feel strongly that an early and sound grasp of basic skills in reading, writing and numeracy is all important. We lay a great emphasis on children taking a pride in their work by aiming to achieve a high standard, both in content and presentation. As children progress, the content of their work changes and they are encouraged to work independently.