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Maple term 1

Welcome to Maple Class' page.


Its been an intesting few days. We have just started to settle in with all the new policies and rules for Year 5. The class is adapting well and is now producing some quality work already.


This term, we will be learning Place Value in Maths (so please feel free to help your child at home). One child showed me how she was practicing a skill she struggled with during one of the lessons and because she worked at home, she is now showing more confidence and skill. She was also awarded 5 dojo points!

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In English, we have begun our learning by reading for information, taking notes and putting them into our own words and have written a letter to our parents about taking a fictional holiday around London to visit some famous landmarks! The journey is incredible! I can't wait to see the progress we make this year!

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Investigating friction

Investigating friction  1
Investigating friction  2
Investigating friction  3
Investigating friction  4
Investigating friction  5

Today we was learning about friction and how different materials slide along different surfaces.

We used a shoe to slide along the table, a bin liner, carpet and a wooden board. We used a force meter to measure in Newtons how much force would be needed to move the shoe along what surface we were testing it on.



Gravity  1
Gravity  2
Gravity  3