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Maple Term 4

Term 4 - The Land that Time Forgot
 To finish off science week, we worked on what is called "change for life." Today we had four rotations in the morning in which we designed and wrote up our open experiments on exercise, tested out our experiments, learned about diet and healthy eating and healthier lifestyle, and finished up with making smoothies using fruits and vegetables. After lunch, the children got together and we worked on different pieces of a large poster and put it together before the end of the day.  We also made a pledge to make smarter choices and each child  has written her own page which they will bring home and share with their families. Below are the photos from today. 
During week 2, children were engaged in many different activities for Book Week. Here are some photos of the puppets children made after designing their own bookmarks and reading skill targets:

 Some of the other activities we have done include role-play and drama, a writing competition, and games other cooperation activities.


Some children also came back to school and read stories to each other and heard several stories from the class teacher.



Monday  launched science week for Hadlow primary school.  Today in Maple class, children studied some scientific vocabulary and science objectives and then conducted their own experiments. Children had to plan a valid experiment using a list of ingredients, conduct this experiment, and then write up a short review about what happened and why they think it happened. Here are a few photos of the days activities: 

 Tuesday – today in maths children will be measuring perimeter and area of shapes. Shapes are either drawn out on the asphalt with chalk or are taped onto the floor with masking tape . Shapes include rectilinear shapes such as squares and rectangles as well as compound shapes. Please enjoy some of the photos of the children measuring and calculating area and perimeter. Please do test them at home on what the meanings of perimeter and area are as well as how to calculate them! 
 Science week continued: today children began an investigation into the decomposition of foods. This investigation will take place over the next few weeks and will be carefully monitored for changes in the state of food. Children also received many vocabulary words and science terminology  and found relationships and patterns between the words and sorted them according to different properties and ideas. 
 Today in maths, we worked out the area and perimeter of rectilinear shapes and some compound shapes. 
 Science week –  today we didn't experiment in which we had to come up with scientific questions and enquire about the mystery item on the children's desks. Please look at the photos to see what happened.