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HadlowPrimary School

Happiness, Progress, Success

Maple Term 6

Term 6 - Around the World in 7 Weeks!

The Mighty Amazon Rainforest and Conservation

Term 6 Spellings

 (link to document coming soon)


We will be diving into life in the rainforest, deep within the. heart of the mighty Amazon Rainforest. We will be learning about what is happening to the rainforests, their current state, conservation, and the political and social issues. This will be a cross-curricular link with English and Geography. Our writing and comprehension skills will continue to be developed through creative writing, guided and group writing sessions, 1:1 tutorials and cross curricular immersion into our book. Then we will learn about non-fiction types of writing such as report writing, letter writing, summaries and personal response, poetry and imagery, and debate. 


Mimi-rainforests 1
Mimi-rainforests 2
Mimi-rainforests 3
Mimi-rainforests 4
Mimi-rainforests 5
Mimi-rainforests 6


We will focus on Geometry (shape and angles) as well as Data and Statistics, but will continue to develop and further our knowledge and reasoning skills, in addition to re- viewing the year’s covered areas.

Arithmetic Scavenger Hunt

Arithmetic Scavenger Hunt  1
Arithmetic Scavenger Hunt  2
Arithmetic Scavenger Hunt  3
Arithmetic Scavenger Hunt  4
Arithmetic Scavenger Hunt  5
Arithmetic Scavenger Hunt  6
Arithmetic Scavenger Hunt  7
Arithmetic Scavenger Hunt  8
Arithmetic Scavenger Hunt  9
Arithmetic Scavenger Hunt  10
Arithmetic Scavenger Hunt  11
Arithmetic Scavenger Hunt  12


We will learn about Living Things and their Habitats, specifically about conservation and rainforest destruction, in addition to learning about endangered animals.

Today we went outside looking for animals (including humans). We found lots of places where animals live or hang out, such as under rocks. We then took the information we gathered from our field work and made a map using 6-Figure Grid References to show where we found the animals. We recorded this into our topic books. 

6-Figure Grid Reference Fieldwork


This term we will be architects! We will be using a program called Trimble Sketchup to design buildings and rooms.



This term we will continue to look at Islam. Children will be learning about Muslim customs, traditions and festivals as well as the fundamental beliefs. We will also cover famous people and their contributions.


This term Pure Sport and I will be instructing the children on Athletics and sporting activities, and instructing on Field Events.




We have been learning to become our own peer coaches! Which means, we are learning how to communicate with one another and unpick problems we face as a class.  We have trusted partners to share our problems with and can work together to come up with strategies to solve them. We are learning how to solve our own problems and rely less on adults to solve them for us; I mean, we are 9 and 10 years old, after all! We can do this!

Art and Design Technology:

We will be learning about artists from other countries, culture, as well as geographical features such as maps. We will also design an animal cage with a working door using pulleys.

Today we learned about how pulleys work through free play. 

Exploring Pulleys - Learning Through Play

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