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Oak term 2

Term 2 - Time Travel

Prehistoric Britain: Stone Age to Iron Age

Term 2 Spellings



As our focus for this term is time travel, we will  explore the prehistoric time periods of the Stone Age through to the Iron Age. We will develop a chronological understanding of the time period, and how Britain has changed from the Stone Age through to the Iron Age. We will study several books including Stone Age Boy and how to wash a Woolly Mammoth. From these we will create several pieces of writing including persuasive writing, character and setting descriptions and advertisement about famous archaeological sites.

Steps in Time - Stone Age to Iron Age

Stone Age poems

Stone Age poems 1
Stone Age poems 2
Stone Age poems 3
Stone Age poems 4
Stone Age poems 5


For maths this term we are focusing on the four operations. We will continue to improve our mental arithmetic and reasoning skills through learning a variety of different strategies for calculating increasingly large numbers as well as learning to solve more complex word problems.

Sorting calculation vocabulary

Sorting calculation vocabulary  1
Sorting calculation vocabulary  2
Sorting calculation vocabulary  3
Sorting calculation vocabulary  4
Sorting calculation vocabulary  5


In science we will are studying our first physics unit, featuring light, shadows and reflections. We will recognise that light is needed in order to see things and that dark is the absence of light.  We will also investigate how shadows change and to think scientifically to investigate relevant questions.


Rockfest Showcase

Rockfest Showcase 1
Rockfest Showcase 2
Rockfest Showcase 3
Rockfest Showcase 4
Rockfest Showcase 5
Rockfest Showcase 6
Rockfest Showcase 7
Rockfest Showcase 8
Rockfest Showcase 9
Rockfest Showcase 10
Rockfest Showcase 11


This term our focus will be on learning gymnastics and dance skills. On Tuesday PCS will teach dance, while on Wednesday’s Mr Knox will teach gymnastics.

Partner balances

Partner balances 1
Partner balances 2
Partner balances 3
Partner balances 4


In RE this term we will discuss and explore what it means to be Christians in Britain today, where we will also focus on celebrations like All souls day, Remembrance Day and  Advent.


This term we will be developing our instrumental skills by learning to play the recorder. We will begin to read traditional musical notations and build our confidence at performing to others.

Recorder Karate

Recorder Karate  1


Our focus this term in computing will feature on computer science with particular focus on how to sequence instructions to a programme. We will create our own ‘prehistoric Britain’ app game using Espresso Coding. 


Learning to programme

Learning to programme  1
Learning to programme  2
Learning to programme  3
Learning to programme  4


French this term will explore ‘On fait la Fete’ (Celebrations) including how we celebrate Christmas.


In PSHE we will celebrate differences, by recognising a time when words we say affect someone’s feeling and what the consequences are.

Anti-bullying week 12th-16th November

Anti-bullying week 12th-16th November  1
Anti-bullying week 12th-16th November  2
Anti-bullying week 12th-16th November  3
Anti-bullying week 12th-16th November  4

Art and DT:

Linking to our history topic, we will learn about early painting and how in the Stone Age stories were taught through cave paintings. In DT we explore how ancient jewellery was created through sculpting different pieces.