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Oak term 3

Term 3 - Once Upon a Time

Imagination - Muscle of the soul

Term 3 Spellings


For our first English topic we will be focusing on imagination and how authors create imagery in creative writing. The class novel we will focus on is The Iron Man by Ted Hughes. We will look to become more confident readers and authors through a selection of writing tasks including poetry, diary writing and newspaper recounts.

Who is Iron man and what has he done?

Who is Iron man and what has he done? 1
Who is Iron man and what has he done? 2
Who is Iron man and what has he done? 3
Who is Iron man and what has he done? 4


For maths this term we will continue our work on the four operations, in particular multiplication and division. We will then focus on fractions and decimals, recognising unit fractions; adding and subtracting fractions with the same denominators and solving problems involving fractions and decimals.

Times table games

Times table games 1
Times table games 2
Times table games 3
Times table games 4
Times table games 5
Times table games 6
Times table games 7


In science we will be studying our second physics unit, featuring magnetism. We will explore how magnets work, and recognise that the greater the force, the greater the movement.


This term we will learn in depth the diverse belief about God in different religions. For this we will focus on Christians, Hindus, Muslims and Atheists to clarify, compare and consider their different points of view.

If God were ...

If God were ... 1
If God were ... 2
If God were ... 3
If God were ... 4
If God were ... 5


Our focus this term in computing will feature information technology, where we will consider the use of specific software on a range of digital devices to design and create a range of presentations on a topic of interest.



This term our focus will be on learning gymnastics and dance skills. On Tuesday’s PCS will teach elements of gymnastics, while on Wednesday’s Mr Knox will teach dance, with a focus on robotic movements.



Balancing 1
Balancing 2
Balancing 3
Balancing 4


This term we will be developing our instrumental skills by learning to play the recorder. We will begin to read traditional musical notations and build our confidence at performing to others.



This term we will explore ‘Les quatre amis’ (our four friends), developing our conversational fluency and skills.



In PSHE we are going to identify our own goals and dreams. By keeping in mind our own ambitions we will also develop steps in which to overcome obstacles, to keep motivated and encourage ourselves and others.


Art and DT:

Linking to our creative writing topic, we will research, test, evaluate and use our mechanical understanding to create our own Iron Man.


Special Events:

Community Action Project - SpeedWatch Hadlow

Community Action Project - SpeedWatch Hadlow 1
Community Action Project - SpeedWatch Hadlow 2
Community Action Project - SpeedWatch Hadlow 3
Community Action Project - SpeedWatch Hadlow 4

Wellness days - January 3rd and 4th, 2019