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Rowan term 3

Tour of St Mary's Church and our science/religion discussion - I was so impressed with the questioning, mature debate and reflective learning - Well Done Rowan Class!

Active Maths:

Active Maths: 1
Active Maths: 2
Active Maths: 3
Active Maths: 4
Active Maths: 5
Active Maths: 6

Maths Revision and Challenge:


Year 6 have been working so incredibly hard to achieve their Maths Targets and challenge themselves further - I am so proud of their progress!


Any extra work at home would help your child enormously, and be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Feather Sketching:

Feather Sketching: 1
Feather Sketching: 2
Feather Sketching: 3
Feather Sketching: 4

The Mystery Box!