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Rowan Term 3

The Arrival:

We have been hard at work studding Shaun Tan’s wonderful picture book:

The Arrival.

We have created our own topic books, learnt about sketching techniques and presentation. We have written heartfelt letters home, used origami and created travel journal entries. We have used drama, ICT and global news to further our study and enrich our leaning. 

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My Travel Journal:


The journey was long and painful. Wind howled with agony, it was as sharp as a knife cutting through my thin clothing. The birds, with elegant wings, soared through the air with grace; reminding me of our origami cranes. Waves gently stroked the side of the boat. Charcoal smog floated and drifted towards the shadow grey sky. Giant statues and tall buildings loomed overhead – I was far from home!


Crowds of people gathered around for a strange and important immigration process. I was mystified. Queues were as long as a river back in my home town. I started to wait and wait, and wait and wait! Seconds turned into minutes. Minutes into hours, long annoying hours. It was as if time stood still, and infinite abyss…

Would I ever see the light of day again?


Immigration. A tough time for all. I’ve had numerous health checks: strange, unfamiliar faces, poking, prodding at my teeth, they checked my heart, my chest, my ears and my eyes. Confusing labels were stuck on my hickory jacket (my beloved family heirloom). 


Finally, I passed and my documents were issued. My picture was horrific! A blinding light snapped, piercing my vision. I was taken away to a huge balloon. I saw statues of peace as I drifted further above the city…

I was filled with awe, excitement and trepidation. 


By Bradley

My Travel Journal:


Finally we docked; I saw umber boats and cyan waves swaying endlessly. The tall statues looked down on me as if to say: “Welcome to my city!” I have never seen such peculiar buildings in my life (much taller than the ones at home). Pearl coloured birds reminded me of home; a bit smaller than usual, but it didn’t bother me – a happy memory! 

My cabin on the ship was basic but comfortable, I had to share my cabin but that was OK, the only thing that bothered me was the rancid, bitter smell of the ocean air.


Now I have arrived! Excitement, fear and anticipation coursed through my veins. Que after que of people…waiting. My excitement soon diminished. I slowly moved closer, I could hear people talking an odd foreign language that most of us had never heard before. It felt like we had been devoured by an enormous creature, like the one back home. The creature I desperately wanted to escape.


A long process of health checks was carried out to my eyes, my ears, my mouth and my heart but I didn’t actually know what they were doing! I had brown labels strapped and stuck to my best jacket. What were they doing? I didn’t know what they were saying or doing but I knew they had to do it, I had to pass immigration.


My picture was finally taken and put on a piece of paper that I had to take with me – I had passed. I was then shoved into a small cabin and flew straight up into the air. Then I realised that there was a balloon strapped to the top with thousands of others around me. I had an amazing view of the city below and wondered what the rest of the day would bring. 


By Mia

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