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School Journey

We have arrived!

After a quick turn-around, each group went off to begin their first activity session: Group 1 tackled the high ropes and crate stacking; Group 2 tested their aim with archery and air rifles and Group 3 had their first taste of the water activities with kayaking.

After dinner, everyone had a tour around the site and are now enjoying mini-Olympic games.

Hopefully everyone will be worn out and will sleep well tonight!


We will be uploading photos of the daily activities during the evening, so please remember to check in to see what we have been up to.

Today has been extremely hot, sunny and full of adventure!

This morning Groups 1 and 2 were at the lake. Group 1 tested their balance on the paddle boards while Group 2 went kayaking. There were quite a few swims to cool everyone down a little. Meanwhile, Group 3 were testing their teamwork and problem-solving with a series of Mission Impossible challenges. The session ended with an activity to build trust as the team were blindfolded to follow an obstacle course with many surprises!

During the afternoon Group 2 overcame a few fears to scale the Leap of Faith and the crate stacking challenge. All returned with a real sense of achievement and pride. Groups 1 and 3 joined forces to build rafts down at the lake. Everyone ended up in the water having great fun and a refreshing swim.

This morning we woke (after a much improved night's sleep all round!) to a veil of mist obliterating the beautiful scenery. However, this quickly burned off to leave us with another scorching and sunny day.

Group 1 began the day with archery and air rifle shooting while Group 3 were testing their nerve with the Leap of Faith and crate stacking. Group 2, meanwhile, were down at the lake enjoying paddle boarding and a cooling swim.

After lunch, Group 1 honed their team work with the Mission Impossible and Nightline blind trail challenges. By listening to each other and trying out different ideas, the team managed to successfully complete all the tasks they were given. Groups 2 and 3 headed back to the lake for raft building and paddle boarding. Once again, everyone was very keen to spend as much time in the water as possible and we all had a wonderful time.


Our final day of activities has come round all too quickly!

We woke to a much cooler and overcast day, perfect for the stunning hill walk that all 3 groups have enjoyed today. Groups 1 and 2 set off this morning, and the cloud was still hovering around their heads as they walked along the ridge. Group 3 spent the morning on the ranges with archery and air rifle shooting.

After lunch it was Group 3's turn to tackle the hill walk, and this time it was windy but clear along the top, with wonderful views over the campsite and lake. Group 2 enjoyed Mission Impossible and Nightline challenges this afternoon, while Group 1 had their final water activity session with fun and games in kayaks.


This evening the children are looking forward to a campfire and toasting marshmallows as our final session before heading for home tomorrow.


We hope you have enjoyed seeing a selection of photos of our activities this week, and are looking forward to hearing all the exciting stories when you meet your children back at school tomorrow.