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Term 6

Tuesday was a washout so we rescheduled Outdoor Learning Day for Wednesday. The children had so much fun! They were busy making dens, creating music using body percussion, playing circle games, competing in a water relay and finding natural resources during a scavenger hunt. They worked together in teams and behaved beautifully all day. 
Apple Class visited the beautiful monument that is Hadlow Tower today! We took a lift to the fourth floor then climbed 102 steps to the top. Our legs were wobbly, our hearts were pounding and the view from the top took our breath away. We even spotted our school grounds whilst we were there. All children's behaviour was outstanding! The tour guides and members of the public commented on how lovely our children are. Thanks to all those who helped out. 
On Friday we made fairy cakes, all by ourselves. We worked in teams and followed simple instructions. The cakes were beautifully decorated and the best team won a trophy! The children had lots of fun. We will be doing more of these team challenges, keep your eyes and ears peeled for them! 
We received a special delivery of some live caterpillars! 33 in total! The children carefully placed them in vials with some food. We made sure each caterpillar had enough food, space and air and we have placed them somewhere where we can all watch them grow. They should turn into caterpillars in the next 10-14 days, how exciting! 
During Child Initiated Time the children have been busy investigating in the water area, making animal masks, writing our numbers, adding, subtracting and enjoying time on the trim trail. Apple Class are really enjoying spending time outside in this beautiful weather! 
Today we visited Pizza Express in Tonbridge! Along with our helpers, we travelled by bus to the restaurant. When we arrived we washed our hands and put on our hats and aprons. First, we kneaded the dough and flattened it out. Then we transferred it into a baking tray. Next we spooned on some passata and finally some mozzarella cheese. Whilst the pizzas were cooking we completed an exciting quiz! We were really surprised to find out that there are 450 Pizza Express restaurants in the country. When we arrived back at school we ate our delicious pizzas on the picnic benches on the field. The children had a wonderful day and they behaved beautifully. Thank you to everyone who helped us, it was such a brilliant experience.