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Willow Term 1

Willow Class - Year 4 - Term 1

Term 1, week 7:

For our science topic this team we looked at electricity and how to build circuits. These pictures are from a ‘buzz’ style game we created, along with trivia questions we wrote throughout learning about our electricity topic. We then had to quiz each other while playing our buzz game. It was a lot of fun! 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Term 1, week 6:

In Art this week learned how to paint using impressionism. We created our pictures with using our fingers to make a river scene over the Thames. Our work was then displayed with our river poems we made in English. 

Picture 1
Picture 2

Term 1, week 5:

This week we had a special guest from Southeast Water come and talk to us about how we have clean water and what we can do to help conserve our water at home and school.

Term 1, week 3: 

For English this week we created our own stories about a raindrop. We added detail and description to our stories by using key vocabulary we have been learning from our topic work on mountains and rivers, in particular the water cycle. We wrote about how our raindrop started as one stage in the water cycle and then moved into another stage, by some interesting ways. We then displayed our work on our classroom windows so our parents and other children could read our stories.  

Picture 1

Term 1, week 1:

This week we have been learning about growth mind-set and how it can help us develop our brain power! We set our Class Dojo targets and how we can earn points towards these targets. 

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