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Willow Term 2

Willow Class - Year 4 - Term 2

Term 2, week 5:

My favourite part about this week was making the emoji baubles to go inside our pyramid present boxes that we have made in art – Kiki.

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Term 2, week 4:

This week we had great fun in creating our own mummies and sarcophagi to display on our art wall. We learned that mummies were made from important people like Pharaohs to preserve their bodies for the afterlife. 

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Term 2, week 3:

This week we had a special performance by ‘Steps in time’ where Oliver perform a play for us about life in ancient Egypt. He taught us all about the most famous gods of ancient Egypt, how mummification works and how Pharaohs kept their riches safe from thieves.

Term 2, week 2:

This week in English we have written a character profile from our class novel this term called ‘The time travelling cat and the Egyptian Goddess.' In the book Topher doesn’t want to keep the cat that he finds in the shed at the beginning but his dad thinks he should keep it. We were writing paragraphs all about if we wanted to keep the cat or not pretending that we were dad and Topher. We were also learning how to extend our sentences by using connectives so that we could put more information into them - Tegan.

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Term 2, week 1:

In maths this term we are learning all about different ways to calculate numbers. This week we focused on addition using column addition. We went from adding 2-digit to 3-digits by 2-digits then to 4-digits. At the end of the end of the week we did word problems.