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Willow Term 3

Willow Class - Year 4 - Term 3

Term 3, week 6:

In our final week of term 3 we took part in Safer Internet Day. The day involved the school learning about different aspects of staying safe on the internet which was presented in an assembly, where we shared our learning together with the school. Year 4 had the opportunity to learn about social media and how pictures and text we post online can have positive and negative consequences. 


'I really enjoyed learning about social media today because we acted out our learning in front of the whole school.' - Bailey.


Here are some pictures of our preparation and learning of the day.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Term 3, week 5:

This week we made Turkish Delight! It was really fun to make and I loved the texture when we were rolling it in icing sugar. The week before, we made a box to put our little treat into. It was really complicated to make, but the overall result was very surprising. Then when we put the Turkish Delight into our boxes it turned into a bit of a gooey slop, but it was very tasty altogether. My mother said she had never tasted anything like it before! - Emily. 

This week we have also been improving our handball skills. Check out what we have learned so far!

Handball 1.MOV

Still image for this video

Term 3, week 4:

This week in English we have been writing our own play scripts about a scene from The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. I learned how the features of a play script are used and why they are important for actors/actresses when acting out a play. I am very proud of my work, although I could improve my handwriting - Brendan.

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Term 3, week 3:

This week in science we continued our work on states of matter. We preformed several investigations this week into identifying different properties of gas. I really liked the investigation of trying to squish a plastic bottle as it was impossible to do because it was full of air! - Summer.

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For homework this term we have been making our very own Narnia Wardrobes. Here is a collection of some of our work so far.
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Term 3, week 2:

This week I really enjoyed learning about our science topic with states of matter, learning about solids, liquids and gases. My favourite bit was going around the tables feeling the items and discussing their properties to put them in the correct category - Bailey

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Term 3, week 1:

Welcome to 2017! To start the New Year with a bang, Hadlow School organised three special days of events where children took part in a range of activities to learn about friendship, sharing, teamwork and outdoor learning.

Friendship and Sharing Learning Days:

As part of our PSHE topics on Friendships and sharing, Willow class teamed up with Oak class and took part in a range of activities to learn about the positive features of friendship. A sample of our class work is displayed below.

Outdoor Learning Day:

Our outdoor learning day involved a range of activities including: den building, building bug houses, Bonfire safety, outdoor sketching and poetry writing.