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Willow Term 4

Willow Class - Year 4 - Term 4

Term 4, week 6:

'This week I enjoyed doing our teeth investigation. We put a disclosing tablet in our mouth to check where the plaque was stuck to our teeth. Our teeth turned blue and pink, but my tongue turned purple! It was really funny! We then brushed our teeth and the colours came off.' - Laurence

Term 4, week 5:

While during this week we had our end of term testing we were still able to have some fun learning. ' I really liked making the Roman busts this week, they were really fun! I also liked playing ultimate frisbee in PE this week. But my favourite part of the week was Red Nose Day and the teachers put on a funny show'- Maddie

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Term 4, week 4:

This week we have celebrated several big events on our school calendar. First was British Science week, followed by Change for Life day on Friday. Here is a sample of some of the amazing learning we have been up to.

British Science Week

This week in Willow Class we celebrated British Science Week 2017 with a bang! We conducted many experiments related to chemical changes and how this affects our bodies. The week began with a week-long experiment, observing how the enamel of egg shells can be affected by different solutions. We also conducted an experiment observing how chewing food changes the texture and/or taste of the food we eat. During the week we also had a special trip to Hadlow College to look at the Animal Management Unit, a science fair hosted by year 6, a visit from a local dentist, and even set off our own exploding rockets! We hope your children have shared their findings with you. 

Change for Life Day

On Friday this week we celebrated Change for Life Day at Hadlow. The day involved taking part in many different activities, all focused on how our bodies 'change' during exercise. In the morning we made our own healthy smoothies and discussed how healthy options of food is better for exercise. We also designed our own exercise experiment and took part in a 1-mile running challenge. The day ended with the children designing their own pledge poster to share with their families about how they will change to make healthier choices.

Term 4, week 3:

This week I am very proud of my English because it was very fun to make instructions on how to become a gladiator champion - Sixx

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Term 4, week 2:

This week was one of our most exciting weeks yet this year, with both book week and our class trip to Lullingstone Roman Villa's. Here is a sample of what we have been up to.

Book Week:

This week it was Book Week at Hadlow School! As our theme of the week was animal books many of our activities were related to our favourite creatures. We had an exciting week, taking part in many activities, including an art display in the hall, bedtime stories and creating their own stories around a teachers pet animal.  Here is just a collection of some of the amazing activities we did:

Class trip to Lullingstone Roman Villa's:

As part of our learning about Roman Britain this term, we took a class trip to Lullingstone Roman Villa's. While visiting this site, we saw and experienced what life was like living in Lullingstone during the Roman period. To be creative with our learning we took part in three activities while they were there, including making their own mosaic art pieces, writing a diary entry as a children growing up in the villa, and a scavenger hunt learning about different aspects of living at Lullingstone.

'I really enjoyed the school trip to Lullingstone because I liked the scavenger hunt where we drew a roman God' - Finlay.

Here are just a few pictures of the exciting day we had!

Term 4, week 1:

I enjoyed coding on the computer this week because we created an animation of a stickman. I also liked doing my fact file in English on Julius Caesar because we were able to search for facts on this internet and organise under different subheadings - Tegan.