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HadlowPrimary School

Happiness, Progress, Success

Book Week

Book Week 2019


What an exceptional week the children have had! Many staff members have been commenting that it has been the BEST book week that the school has ever seen. Not only have the children had lots of book related fun, but the high quality learning that they have produced this week has left us all in total awe. The children have had many magical moments and the staff at Hadlow Primary School couldn't be prouder if they tried! The week has consisted of many activities including library visits, reading scavenger hunts, book swaps, quizzes and of course the annual costume parade. 


Below are a few of the children's highlights from the week…

Reading Ques?t

All children throughout the school were shown seven mystery illustrations. They were all asked to choose the image that captivated them the most and then, from this, were put into groups. Each image came from a book chosen by a teacher and this is the book that the children engaged with throughout the week. Miss Webb read Journey by Aaron Becker. We started off by exploring a few pages and we were set the task of coming up with the Title. The book tells the story of a little girl who seeks adventure, she finds a red chalk and draws her way out of boredom into a world of fantasy. We were encouraged to use our imagination to create a magical place behind a door. We all participated in reading the story with no words and learned that there is no right or wrong when reading this type of book. (Written by Miss Webb's Reading Quest group) 

Sharing Stories


On Wednesday this week parents and carers were invited into school to share stories with their children.
Cosy areas were offered all around the school for adults and children to enjoy reading some wonderful books together. The event was very well a ended and is always a highlight of Book Week here at Hadlow Primary. (Written by Oak Class)

Drama Workshops


Chestnut class were delighted to have a drama workshop with Mrs Chantler and Mrs Hood. We got to experiment with facial expressions and the story Gorilla. We acted out the next part of the story in pairs and got to perform with our friends. We loved it! Raymond won the best actor for the fantastic use of his voice and body movement. (Written by Chestnut Class)

Bedtime Stories


On Wednesday lots of children came back to school to enjoy our much-loved evening of Bedtime Stories. Cherry Class loved snuggling up in the book corner with their giant teddies, cosy pyjamas and tasty hot chocolate and marshmallows. “It was really cosy and the hot chocolate was delicious especially when the marshmallows melted. The expressions that Mrs Reid made were really good. I liked how we could read our own stories if we wanted to. We had a really lovely time." (Written by Brook, Purdy and Emmie-Lou in Cherry Class)

Whole School Poetry Challenge


On Thursday morning the whole school performed our incredible poetry creation: The Grand Day Out. This was a magical experience the whole school was silent and listened to the seven different performances beautifully. We were so impressed by the confidence, imagination and creativity that each class exhibited. We all pulled together as a great inspiring community and we all owned the text.

“The teachers were blown away by our moving performance!" - Kiki

“I am grateful to have taken part in such an event and I hope this is the first of many poetry performances." - Bailey Sch

“I enjoyed taking part in the first whole-school poetry theatre." - Greg

“It showed our talents and highlighted our capacity to work together and create a beautiful performance. " - Emily

Art Afternoon


The art afternoon was inspired by the same image that was used for the School Poem. This wacky picture gave scope to produce some imaginative collaborative art work. Apple, Plum and Cherry made a new background for the animals whilst KS2 classes were given a part of the image to copy. We were all delighted with the wonderful results.

Spelling Bee


This year we had Hadlow Primary School's first ever Spelling Bee competition! It was a nerve-wracking experience for the four contestants chosen from each class throughout the school. There were two teams and both had two members from each class competing to be the winning spellers. Each year group came to the front and their spelling knowledge was put to the test! It was very exciting because the scores were neck and neck throughout but both teams and the school showed great sportsmanship. After two rounds of fierce competition a draw took us to a bonus speed round! We were full of nerves and suspense but we still had hope and faith which led the Breezies to victory with 14 points. The Buzzy Bees closely followed with 12 points. Congratulations to all contestants who participated in this amazing event. Hopefully next year we have another Spelling Bee so GET PRACTICING (written by Soma, Imogen, Mia P and Daniel in Maple Class)

Writing Competition


A huge congratulations to Kayden, George, Emmie-Lou, Buddy D, Etienne, Montana and Laurence for winning this year's writing competition... The Power of a Picture!


The children were given a powerful picture and a story starter... from that point what they wrote and how they wrote was up to them. These seven children really impressed their teachers with their pride, creativity and high level vocabulary. Well done everyone!

Costume Parade


This year for the first time EVER we had EVERY SINGLE CHILD in the school dressed up to celebrate World Book Day. All staff commented on the amazing costumes that were on view and the increasing effort that is being put in by all families. What was really pleasing was the effort that our older children in years five and six made. In the past many children have chosen to opt out of dressing up as they reach upper Key Stage Two but the amazing effort just shows how much love the children have for Book Week and also the commitment they have to reading. THANK YOU to all families that put in the time effort and money to make today such a success. The judges had an extremely challenging job but the winners were decided...


Freddie and Ellie (Apple)

Ella and Oliver (Plum)

Taylor and Amelia (Cherry)

Kaitlin and Harley (Oak)

Olivia and Ollie (Chestnut)

Billy and Emily (Maple)

Daisie-Mai and Maddie (Rowan)

Hadlow Primary School

Hadlow, Tonbridge, Kent, TN11 0EH