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HadlowPrimary School

Happiness, Progress, Success

Brecon Beacons


Miss Hooper at the Beginning of the Week

MIss Hooper at the End of the Week


Happy Birthday Kian!!!!

Today was another day full of fun activities. We even had sunshine! YAY! Sunshine! And a holiday without sunshine is just a nightmare.


This week has flown by. Just think... you'll all have your little giggle monsters back in your arms come tomorrow afternoon. Then Miss Hooper can finally get some sleep. Whoo Hoo!


In truth, this was one of the most fun times we have ever had. Mr. Rule was so impressed with how the children conducted themselves. It was truly great to watch all the children run around like chickens with ruffled feathers and smiling beaks, flapping their wings and laying eggs... wait... maybe that was the bird watching we did this morning.

The children really enjoyed it. They'll all be eager to shrug their shoulders and play it cool. But remember, we have documented evidence that your child is smiling. It's been a blast.


Scavenger Hunt and Roasting Marshmallows

Zip Line!

Still image for this video

Zip Line!

Still image for this video

Zip Line!

Still image for this video

Zip Line!

Still image for this video

Zip Line!

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We like zip lines, don't we?

Zip Lines!

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Whoo Hoo!


Still image for this video

Zip Line!

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Whoop! Whoop!

Zip Line!

Still image for this video
I like zip lines and I cannot lie.

Zip Lines!

Still image for this video
Uhh.. zip lines are fun, mkay?

Zip Lines!


This morning, Miss Hooper was really annoyed with us, so she told us to take a hike. How rude!


Despite this, we were all determined to hike above the lake, come hill or high water. Not surprisingly, a few pupils even tried to turn up for the hike with two left hiking shoes! Imagine! Two left hiking shoes… We had to give them a right boot. These same children claimed to be experienced trail runners. We just didn’t realise they meant they trailed from behind everyone else.


Anyway, getting to the top of the hill was great fun, but honestly, it was all downhill from there. Take a look at these photos, it will summit up all nicely. Enjoy.

Today we also were strapped into harnesses and stood atop crates, whilst stacking them! Some of us got as high as 8 crates! Balance and teamwork sold separately.
A camp favourite is surely the Leap of Faith! Children bravely climbed up a pole no wider than 30 centimetres and took the not so death-defying leap to a trapeze. It is a lot harder than it looks. And scarier! When you're about 6 meters from the ground and standing atop a wobbly pole, it takes determination and mind-over-matter to take the leap. Unbelievably, most children were eager to have a second go! Some even conquered their fears and did it again after stopping and coming down before reaching the top. Brave little beasties.
Children put their survival skills to the test by gathering materials and preparing to build a fire, in addition to other skills.
To bring the evening to a close, many children participated in a marshmallow roast and a scavenger hunt. Those who did one or the other will have another chance this week.

Roasting Marshmallows and Scavenger Hunt


Whilst standing on the edge of the lake today, I shouted across to someone: “How do you get to the other side of the lake?”

“You are on the other side”, was the reply.


Wise words... wise words.

If you've been watering what we've been doing, we've had a really good paddling. No, for reels, it was in-tents.


Today was full of water sports, hence the water puns. The children were all eager to go with the float and really enjoyed themselves. I think having the opportunaty to take part in lots of activities which they (perhaps) have never done before and have a growth mindset towards is really a testament to the fabulous parents and families we have in Hadlow. Your children have been amazing!


Check out your little stars in action:

R.I.P. Eggward and Eggbert Einstein. They were among many other little eggies who were taking 1 small drop for eggs, and 1 giant drop for egg-kind. Sadly, they didn't make it. They will likely be forgotten quickly and discarded in the food waste bin. Egg Life.

Egg Drop

Rest assured... we got this.


Well, after waving goodbye to parents and children alike, Hadlow's Year 5 and 6 left the nest and flew off into the distance, arriving shortly after in Brecon Beacons, Wales. We made it!!

Upon arriving, we hopped into our tents, dropped off our things, and headed out to our first activity! And believe it or not, the weather Miss Hooper ordered was right on queue! HOT and SUNNY!


Here are some action shots from our first day!

Team Building and Archery!

Catapulting and Air Rifles!!

Mission Impossible! and Catapulting!


Later that night... after dinner...

Tonight, we all got to participate in the local tradition of Acorn Olympics! It was so much fun to see all the children using their creative minds to carry out several very odd tasks, such as run to a cone as a chicken, lay the best egg they've ever laid, and scoop up their precious egg and return to the group for approval.  Lots of laughs. :)

Acorn Olympics

We also do our own washing up... say whaaaat?  Yeah, that just happened.
Rest assured... We got this.

Hadlow Primary School

Hadlow, Tonbridge, Kent, TN11 0EH