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HadlowPrimary School

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English lessons

Monday 8th February

Watch the oak academy below and then complete the prefixes booklet activity. For this activity you can use words collected in last Monday's lesson and add more that you can think of.

Tuesday 9th February

Watch the oak academy lesson on newspaper articles.

Now, read the example of a newspaper article below. Use the checklist sheet to check off the features that you find.
Wednesday 10th February

Today, you must plan a newspaper report.

This newspaper report is for The Daily Prophet. This report will bring the news that the famous Harry Potter, is to play for Griffindor Quidditch Team. This is the first time in the history of Hogwarts that a First Year has been chosen.

Use the template below to make notes for your report.

Thursday 11th February

Now you are ready to write your newspaper report using the template below. If you are unable to print, use a ruler to set your page out in the same way as the template.

Friday 12th February-Newspaper comprehension

Choose one of the articles to suit the level of your reading. The second one will suit most children working from home. Please answer in full sentences. There is no need to print simply write answers on paper.

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