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HadlowPrimary School

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Book Week Activities

Monday 1st March

This week, you will need to choose a traditional tale to work from. At the end of the week, you will be giving a small presentation to a group about your chosen tale. They will need to guess which tale you have chosen.

Task One

Watch the video about how to use a dictionary.

Task Two

Read through your chosen traditional tale and list any words that you cannot define. Look up the meaning of words that you do not understand in a dictionary. You may use an online dictionary if you do not have one at home. There is a worksheet to help you to set your work out.

This site has some fun games to help you learn your spelling.

Tuesday 2nd March

Verb synonyms

Task One

Choose a boring verb from your traditional tale. Now use a thesaurus to collect synonyms.


Task Two

Now think of an interesting way to present these verbs. These will be displayed in the classroom when we get back to school.


Reading Scavenger Hunt

Wednesday 3rd March

Adjectives and Figurative Language

Task One

Choose a character from your chosen traditional tale. See if you can find any adjectives that describe the character.

Task Two

Draw your own version of this character.

Task Three

Adjectives thesaurus work. Collect adjectives to describe your character. This could describe how they look or their personality.

Task Four-Extra Challenge

Try to think of a simile or a metaphor that describes your character. Use the figurative language poster in English Resources to remind you whata simile and metaphor are.

Bookmark Competition

Thursday 5th March

Writing a character description

Using the adjectives, simile/metaphor collected on the previous day, write a character description in a paragraph. This paragraph should be at least six sentences long. Make sure that you consider how the sentences start. For example, using fronted adverbials. Imagine your character walking into the room you are in and this will help you to give some structure to your paragraph.

Author's Crossword

Friday 5th March

Speaking for an Audience

Prepare a short presentation for your group that gives clues to your chosen traditional tale. This should be no longer than 3 minutes. Remember to include the clue you made yesterday afternoon. Select your words carefully and prepare what you will say. Rehease your presentation.

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