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English Plans

Monday 25th January

Spelling lesson- possessive apostrophe for plurals


Read through the power point and then choose a worksheet from the choices. The answer can be written on paper if you are unable to print the sheets.

Tuesday 26th January

Look at the power point below to see what a fact file should include. This is a non-fiction peice of writing, which means that the information is factual. Notice that each fact file has headings, sub-headings, bullet points and an image. You can also include a 'Did you know?' fact, this is something that is perhaps rather surprising. You may see fact files in non-fiction books; so look at any books that you might have at home to inspire you.

Today, choose an animal you are interested in and find six to eight facts about it. The template below is to help you to organise the facts onto one page. Make sure your sentences are properly punctuated with fullstops, capital letters, commas, exclamation marks or questions marks, as appropriate.

Wednesday 27th January

Watch the short video of Mrs Shrimpton comparing tects and sorting them into fiction and non-fiction. Often writers use facts from real life and put them into their stories or plays. For example, Michael Morpurgo often sets his books in the First or Second World War. 

Today, use the quick write sheets below to take something real to spark your imagination. Choose from one of the five sheets to inspire your writing. Please, focus on your punctuation and presentation of this writing.

Thursday 28th January

Today, your task is to invent a new animal that could feature in Harry Potter. 

Start by drawing an animal made up of other animals. For example, the head of a lion, the body of a panda and the legs of a giraffe. Name your animal then make up some 'facts' for a fact file. There is an example template below, which can be printed. If you are unable to print this then set out your fact file on a sheet of paper.

Friday 29th January
Last week, the comprehension task was to find the theme or idea within a paragraph. Today, you have a non-fiction piece of writing to read.

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