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HadlowPrimary School

Happiness, Progress, Success


Make a timetable of your day. Write down what you do during the day and the times that you do them e.g.

half past 7 - get up

quarter to 8 - have breakfast

8 o'clock - get dressed

If it is easier, draw the times on a clock.


Log on to Mathletics and choose a range of activities.


Practise adding and taking away using a number line. Ask an adult to give you some 2 digit sums to complete e.g. 18 + 25, 39 - 11


Practise multiplying and dividing using circles and dots and beads and string. Ask an adult to give you some sums to complete e.g. 7 x 5, 24 divided by 3

Hadlow Primary School

Hadlow, Tonbridge, Kent, TN11 0EH