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HadlowPrimary School

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Maths lessons

Monday 8th February


If you complete the first sheets quickly, then move onto these challenges. Make sure you answer fully in sentences, using mathematical vocabulary.
Tuesday 9th February

Today, complete question 4 in the snow. Make snowballs to represent the muffins and boxes can be drawn out lines.


There are some extra challenges for improper fractions below.

Wednesday 10th February

After the live lesson, if you can, watch a TV programme from BBC iplayer. (On the computer, you will need to login or sign up). Select the 9-11 year olds learning . The lesson is in week 2, lesson 4, adding and subtracting fractions. This recaps a lot of vocabulary from this term, but also looks at improper fractions and equivalent fractions. It also introduces adding and subtracting fractions but I want the children to pay attention to the equivalent fraction part of the programme. This uses pizza's to explain fractions. The task today will also use pizza's to model equivalent fractions.

There is also a programme on BBC iplayer that goes through comparing fractions more simply and is very useful to watch. Select 7-9 year olds, week 3 lesson 6.

Thursday 11th February
Choose from the investigations below.
These investigations offer more challenge.
Friday 12th February
For the last day of term choose one of these two activities. If you can print, there are equivalent colouring sheetsto choose from. Or you can play equivalent fraction bingo. You could print the resources or make your own game from the examples. Have some fun with your Mahs today.

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