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HadlowPrimary School

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Go to the park with an adult. Find a plant and have a go at drawing it. Try to include all of the elements such as the stem, leaf, flower and, if possible, the roots. Then, label your plant with the words above.



What is a life cycle? Discuss a frog/butterfly life cycle and then explain that a plant also has a life cycle. Can they come up with any of the stages? 

Watch the following video.

Ask them to complete their own life cycle having been given the scientific words. If possible, as them to add in an explanation of what is happening in the picture.



Do people matter more than things?

Give your child a heart outline and draw in the heart people/ things that matter to them most. Pick one to write a sentence about and explain.  

Recapping who was important to them, explain that some people believe that God is very important in their lives, even though they cannot see him. Muslims believe that the world would not function without God just as a balloon would not function without air. Teach children that the Muslim word for God is in the Arabic language: Allah.    

Discuss with an adult the question, ‘Where is God?’    

Ask your child to produce artwork showing where they think people can find God. Tell them to draw a place, but not a person – because Muslims never draw Allah. They say all pictures of Allah are wrong! Allah is too great for pictures!   

God is so important to Muslims that they form part of the Shahadah the words that are whispered into the ear of a baby when they are first born. The words ‘God is most great. There is no god but Allah,’ are also part of what Muslims pray five times every day. They are very important words for Muslims. Ask the children to think about whispering to a baby. If they could choose some words to whisper, what would they choose?


Ask your child to talk about their special places. Why are these places special? What is worth lots, but not in money? Do things have to be worth lots to be special?

Ask your child to create a piece of artwork/collage to express their sense of place. Add a speech bubble to annotate their work telling why it is their special place.

Then talk about ‘Who is a Muslim?’ Point out that Muslim (or other religious identities) are not about our race or skin colour, but about their beliefs and communities. Explain that there are many thousands of Muslim people in this country. Teach children that a Muslim holy building is called a mosque – a special place for Muslims. Show them some pictures of a mosque from the Internet and try to describe it. Can pupils suggest why a mosque might be a place to feel close to God?

Ask them to copy a picture of a Mosque and add in a speech bubble explaining why a Mosque is a special place for Muslims. 


Hadlow Primary School

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