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HadlowPrimary School

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Project Ideas

Monday 11th January-Science

Tuesday 12th and Thursday 14th January- Project Ideas

Choose a project idea for this session.

Wednesday 13th January- PE Ideas


Recommended PE ideas can be found on these sites.


Please choose an activity each week to complete on Wednesday afternoon.

Ideas can be found on these sites:


This is a yoga lesson based on Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. It was very popular last week so give it a try if you didn't do it.

Friday 15th January- Art

Look at the Art knowledge organiser below for inspiration. Over the term try to do one of the activities below to build on your art skills and knowledge:


  • Make a colour wheel showing complimentary colours. This can be made by mixing paint, collecting colourful objects to match and placing in a wheel or as a collage.
  • Sketch an egg showing the tones that we learnt about last term; core shadow, highlight and cast shadow. Using a strong light source helps if you use a real egg or you could copy the egg on the organiser.
  • Design a Faberge egg using complimentary colours.
  • Paper mache an egg and then decorate it with complimentary colours.

The knowledge organiser helps to explain the meaning of the words and you might be inspired to do other artwork from the pictures.



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