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HadlowPrimary School

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Project Ideas

Monday 22nd February and Friday 26th February- Project Ideas

Choose from the project ideas below.


Go on a virtual tour of some of Egypts most famous monuments. Find out on a map, where Egypt is and where these monuments can be found.

R.E- Different Beliefs

Use the power point below to explore what different people from around the world believe in.

Tuesday 23rd February- History

There are two lessons to follow. Before starting the lesson write the date and the title; Who Ruled Ancient Egypt and What was Society Like?

There are tasks to complete alongside the lesson.

Wednesday 24th February- P.E
This term, Year Four will be learning to play volley ball. Below, are the normal lesson plans that we will follow, and that we will continue with, on our return to school. For the next two weeks, please practice some of the volley ball skills on the plan. Ensure that you also include a warm and some fitness aspect to your PE so you are ready for volleyball on your return to school!
Thursday 25th February-Science
Following on from food chains at the end of last term, complete a food web. The information, in the worksheets below, could be used to draw your own food web, or you can print the sheets to cut and paste.

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