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HadlowPrimary School

Happiness, Progress, Success

Remote Education

Please find below all Remote Learning Planning, under Remote Planning. You will find details of pre-recorded lessons on the weekly plan. All resources required for learning will be attached. 


Please upload one observation per day, to the Evidence Me app. You can add multiple photos if you wish. Your comment may say something like this: Ted completed his maths learning, phonics learning and we ran the Daily Mile. I have attached 3 photographs. We will then email you with comments, within 24 hours. Any observations that are uploaded after 4pm will be responded to the next working day.


Thank you for your continued support,


Mrs Lissenden

Pre Recorded Lessons


Click the link below to take you to the pre-recorded video lessons as mentioned on the weekly planning document. Our videos are under Apple.

Remote Planning

Literacy Resources 05.07.2021

Maths Resources 05.07.2021

Literacy Resources 28.06.2021

Maths Resources 28.06.2021

Literacy Resources 14.06.2021

Maths Resources 14.06.2021

Literacy Resources 10.05.2021

Maths Resources 10.05.2021

Talk 4 Writing Resources

Literacy Resources 26.04.2021

Maths Resources 26.04.2021

Literacy Resources 19.04.2021

Maths Resources 19.04.2021

Literacy Resources 29.03.2021
Maths Resources 29.03.2021
Literacy Resources 22.03.2021
Maths Resources 22.03.2021
Additional Resources 22.03.2021
Literacy Resources 15.03.2021
Maths Resources 15.03.2021
Additional Resources 15.03.2021
Literacy Resources 08.03.2021
Maths Resources 08.03.2021
Additional Resources 08.03.2021
Literacy Resources 01.03.2021
Maths Resources 01.03.2021
Additional Resources 01.03.2021
Literacy Resources 22.02.2021
Maths Resources 22.02.2021
Additional Resources 22.02.2021
Literacy Resources 08.01.2021
Maths Resources 08.01.2021
Additional Resources 08.01.2021
Literacy Resources 01.02.2021
Maths Resources 01.02.2021
Additional Resources 01.02.2021
Literacy Resources 25.01.2021
Maths Resources 25.01.2021
Maths Resources 18.01.2021
Literacy Resources 18.01.2021
Maths Resources 11.01.2021
Literacy Resources 11.01.2021
Resources 05.01.2021
Weekly Ideas Term 3 Week 1- Monday 4th January 2021
Weekly Ideas Term 2 Week 7- 14th December 2020
Phonics Resources
Phonics Flashcards (Phase 2)
Maths Resources
Weekly Ideas Term 2 Week 6- 7th December 2020
Phonics Resources
Weekly Ideas Term 2 Week 5- 30th November 2020
Phonics Resources
Weekly Ideas Term 2 Week 4- 23rd November 2020
Phonics Resources
Maths Resources
Weekly Ideas Term 2 Week 3- 16th November 2020
Phonics Resources
Maths Resources
Weekly Ideas Term 2 Week 2- 9th November 2020
Phonics Resources
Maths Resources

Hadlow Primary School

Hadlow, Tonbridge, Kent, TN11 0EH