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HadlowPrimary School

Happiness, Progress, Success

Term 1


Spellings will be set here every week and will be tested every Friday. Please make sure that you are encouraging you child to learn their weekly spellings in a fun, creative way (please see the documents below for further ideas).


11th September:

There                  Screamed      

Their                   Declared

They're                Whispered

Vast                     Torturous 

Enormous            Eerie 


18th September:

Was                   Addition    

Were                 Subtraction

Where               Multiplication

Geography        Division 

Endangered      Conservation 


25th September:

Have                Fragile 

Had                 Environment

Went               Explosion

Really              Emaciated                     

Notice             Struggle 


2nd October:

Nature         Cautious

Spring          Dangerous 

Summer       Vicious

Autumn        Precious 

Winter          Adventurous 


9th October:

Terrible         Enjoyable

Possible        Forgivable

Horrible        Valuable

Reversible     Adorable

Invincible      Breakable 


16th October:

Think             Action

Thing             Decision  

Everything      Caution

Hope              Critical

Gift                 Responsibility 



Meet the new Year 6 with their very special new ties!

First New iHub Leader Board:

1st Place: Hannah (25,835 Points)

2nd Place: Amy C (23,895 Points)

3rd Place: Katie (18,170 Points)

Weekly Update 19th - 23rd October:

What an amazing term and what fantastic progress! Every child should be incredibly proud of their numerous achievements and a brilliant start to Year 6!


This week we have concluded our conservation topic with a formal letter to the people of the world and a very creative conservation picture book - fantastic ideas; mature, thoughtful questioning and wonderful art work!


In maths we have continued to work on our understanding of algebra, missing number problems and BIDMAS - again, super learning everyone! Our mental maths scores continue to develop beautifully and I am delighted with the number of children progressing very quickly through our times table program.


Yesterday we all enjoyed our first 'Treat Day' with lots of art, Team Challenges, Outdoor Learning and a film/pyjama afternoon - the hot chocolate, cream and marshmallows went down a treat!


Have a lovely, relaxing half term break and thank you for your continued support.


Miss Hooper x 

Weekly Update:12th-16th October

Wow - what a busy week! Firstly, I would like to congratulate all of our 11+ candidates. I was very impressed with the calm and confident approach that each child displayed and they should all be incredibly proud!


We started the week with a fantastic Science Day; we used our observation and questioning skills to 

explore the various habitats in our school grounds; we stated looking at micro-organisms with a yeast experiment and we extended our understanding of vertebrates and invertebrates.


In English we have continued our conservation study by looking at the wonderful world of Dr Seuss and The Lorax - super text analysis skills and reflective questioning everyone!


This week, in maths, we have covered Roman Numerals and we started looking at some basic algebra. The class particularly enjoyed the algebra board game!


Have a lovely weekend!


Miss Hooper x 


Weekly Update: 5th - 9th October

This week we received delivery of a vast selection of brand new reading books. Mrs Hardcastle is working her way through them, backing them as quickly as she possibly can and then you will be able to take them home as your home reading books - reading is so very important, a vital life skill, and I hope you enjoy your gorgeous new texts!


In Maths this week we have been studying negative numbers though the creation of amazingly detailed infographics, scale interpretation and reasoning - super learning everyone!


This week we have been using a an emotive film clip about Mother Nature to inspire our writing. Together with creative, cross curricular learning and a variety of writing workshops, I am delighted to see the quality and quantity of writing improving - keep up the hard work!


With a new week we have also started a new round of 'Team Challenges.' So far we have challenged the children to a general knowledge quiz, a big build DT project and a text analysis team game. I wonder what new challenges next week will bring?


As an extra incentive to complete and submit home learning, children will now be awarded team points for their home learning. If you need extra support with any home learning tasks please contact me through the class email.


Have a lovely weekend,


Miss Hooper x 

Weekly Update: 28th September-2nd October

I am so impressed with the maturity, progress and quality of writing I have seen this week. We have been studying the incredible picture book: 'The Polar Bears Are Hungry' and retelling a year in the life of the hungry polar bears. We have also been looking at various conservation documentaries and a haunting picture of an emaciated polar bear. 


In maths we have been learning about rounding, prime and square numbers and recapping all our learning so far - again huge progress and great understanding - keep up the hard work everyone!


We have also been getting creative with pastels and water colour pencils. Beautiful textures, blending skills and lots of fun!


Have a lovely weekend,


Miss Hooper  x


Please remind your child to be a sensible, role model when walking home from school - thank you!

Weekly Update: 21st-25th September

What an exciting, varied week! We all enjoyed a fantastic Outdoor Learning Day yesterday with a huge range of different tasks - please take time to look at some of the gorgeous photos.


We have also been recapping our mental maths strategies with repetition and creative retrieval. We used hoops to demonstrate how to multiply and divide by 10 , 100 and 1,000 and we have started looking at different methods to help with arithmetic.


During English and geography sessions we have been studying the beautiful picture book: 'Can we save the tiger?' Such great discussion and mature debate - well done everyone! We also created some brilliant non-fiction, endangered species fact files.


Have a lovely weekend, 


Miss Hooper x 


Please make sure that you visit the website regularly for news, tips and resources. Remember home learning is due every Wednesday.

Weekly Update: 14th - 18th September


What a glorious week of lovely weather we have experienced! As a result, we have been using the outdoor space for GPS challenges, drama activities, lots of PE and even some fun with ice balloons!


In English this week we have been finishing our learning about ICE TRAP: Shackleton's incredible adventure and extending our learning with April Pevensea - a scientist from the future. The class have produced some great creative writing in the form of a diary entry or a short narrative.


During Maths lessons, we have been consolidating our place value knowledge with various challenges and games, revising our mental maths strategies and exploring our visual/connectionist understanding.


Please make sure that you are reading out loud to an adult regularly, using First News iHub, reviewing your weekly spellings and completing your home learning - if you have any questions or need any additional help/support please contact me via the class email. 


Have a lovely weekend!


Miss Hooper x 


Outdoor Learning Day: Thursday 24th September (own clothes for messy, outdoor learning)

Weekly Update:  7th-11th September

Wow - what a great first full week back, we have covered so much already! 


As a class text we have been studying 'Ice Trap,' the incredible, true story of Ernest Shackleton and his Adventures in Antarctica; from this book, we have enhanced our comprehension skills and created some fantastic, descriptive poetry.


In Maths, we have been recapping Place Value with an assortment of different games, and revising the basics of addition and subtraction. We have also started our Mental Maths sessions and we are already on our third round of X-Table tests!


We have also been enjoying the outdoors with multiple PE sessions, outdoor learning and our, ever competitive, 'Team Challenges!' Internet safety is another vital area that we have covered and we encourage you to do the same at home, regular chats and reminders are key to ensuring understanding and safety! I have already discovered we have a very creative class this year and I am so impressed with their amazing 'Quirky Animal Creations'... watch this space for photos.


Have a lovely weekend and remember to send your Home Learning through to me, via the class email, by Wednesday 16th September. 


Miss Hooper x 



If you would like to be a House Captain, we will be recording your speeches next Wednesday, 16th September.

Hadlow Primary School

Hadlow, Tonbridge, Kent, TN11 0EH