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HadlowPrimary School

Happiness, Progress, Success

Term 2

Weekly Spellings:

Spellings will be set here every week and will be tested every Friday. Please make sure that you are encouraging you child to learn their weekly spellings in a fun, creative way (please see the documents under the Home Learning Resources tab for further ideas).


6th November:

Hope                   Armistice 

Fear                    Defence

Joy                      Trench

Peace                  Conscription 

Remembrance     Propaganda 


13th November:

War                  Announcement 

Fighting           Declare

London            Country 

Evacuee            Air Raid

Blitz                 Prejudice 


20th November: Prefixes

Disagree           Impossible

Dishearten        Immature

Misbehave        Return

Misfortune        Rewrite

Incredible         Antisocial

Inactive            Anticlockwise


27th November: Suffixes (able and ible)

Horrible        Enjoyable

Terrible         Valuable

Possible        Forgivable  

Edible           Adorable

Reversible     Breakable

Invincible      Identifiable 


4th December: Topic Specific Spellings

Next week we will be looking at the Holocaust as part of our WWII studies - please take time over the weekend to discuss the meaning of these words. Thank you.

Hitler                Empathy

Jews                  Persecution

Nazis                Auschwitz

Holocaust         Anti-Semitic

Germany           Justice 


11th December:

No Spelling Test next week

First News iHub Leader Board:

1st Place: Amy C (16,475)

2nd Place: Grace (11,370)

3rd Place: Hannah (6,710)

Meet our new House Captains:

Weekly Update: 14th - 18th December

And we made it... the last day of term and we are still open with good attendance! smiley


As I have said before, I am so proud of this particular Year 6 cohort; I have taught the World Wars many times before but the maturity, curiosity, thirst for knowledge and amazing history skills shown by this class has been extremely impressive!


We have concluded the term with a range of different activities: a WWII leaflet, Christmas fractions, lots of art and crafts, a 'Treat Day' (with party games and special party bags), a Christmas carol sing-a-long, a film afternoon...and much, much more!


Congratulations to our Writing Competition Winners for their incredible progress, detail and presentation: Lillie and Kate.


Thank you again for your continued support and we wish you all a very safe and happy Christmas holiday!


The Rowan Team x 

Weekly Update: 7th -11th December

Yet another great week in Rowan Class, with such maturity, sensitivity and fantastic learning - total stars! 


We have been studying the tricky topic of The Holocaust this week through the wonderful picture book 'Rose Blanche' and a special historical artifact - a child's shoe from Auschwitz-Birkenau. The children were so thoughtful with their learning and, while asking lots of questions, they remained respectful and showed empathy throughout. From our historical learning we have made detailed notes, created beautiful, emotive poetry or descriptive paragraphs and a reflective, personal response to our Holocaust learning - all very impressive!


In Maths, we have continued to work on our understanding of fractions; in particular equivalent fractions, visualisation and how to simplify fractions. We have also revisited our calculation learning from this term and extended our arithmetic strategies.  


With Christmas only just round the corner, the classroom is also looking very festive with miles of paper chains, stain glass windows, snowflakes and a special Christmas mobile. It is certainly feeling festive!


Many congratulations to Amy C and Dylan who won last week's Writing Competition - retelling a chapter with dialogue, action and description.


Have a lovely, safe weekend,


Miss Hooper x 


Weekly Update: 30th November - 4th December

This week we have been so incredibly focused on improving various skills - I have been so impressed by the ambition, resilience and team work shown by every member of the class - your progress and achievements are amazing! smiley


In Maths we have concluded our calculation topic with some very tricky long division sessions; while this areas is not 100% secure for all children the confidence and growth mind set is great - we will get there! We have also continued with our mental maths strategies and we have also started out new maths topic: Fractions.


During English sessions we have continued the fantastic text/film Goodnight Mister Tom and we have started to study dialogue and how to create vivid description with different literary techniques.


On Wednesday, we had a brilliant Evacuation/Dress Up Day which involved: ration books and evacuation labels, air raids and wartime music (we actually sang for the first time this year), old-fashioned games and a photo shoot, in depth learning about the Blitz, Make do and Mend, blackouts and we started decorating the classroom for Christmas - wartime style!


Thank you all for your continued support with home learning, costumes, reading and your general support for the school and our class - the home learning this term has been particularly impressive - thank you!


Congratulations to our newly elected House Captains: Sophia, Lille, Grace, Dylan, Katie, Ollie,

Amy C and Elliot B.


Writing Competition Winners: Amy C, Etienne, Grace, Hannah and Dylan - I am so proud of you!


Have a lovely weekend,


Miss Hooper x 

Weekly Update: 23rd - 27th November

This week, in maths, we have investigated division with different strategies, real world application and mixed calculation problem solving - this has proved quite a tricky area and we will continue to recap and revisit throughout Year 6. 


During our history session we have been using a variety of different sources to learn about WWII Evacuation and Rationing. I have be really impressed with the children being able to transfer their comprehension skills; adding to their knowledge and understanding. We have also created some wonderful pastel pictures depicting the Blitz.


In English we have continued to develop our sentence structure and description skills, while focusing on our creative writing and non-fiction texts.


Congratulations to Phoebe and Elliot B who won last week's Diary Entry Competition.


Have a lovely weekend,


Miss Hooper x 


Don't Forget: WWII Evacuation Dress Up Day - Wednesday 2nd December 

Weekly Update: 16th-20th November

Wow! Another very busy week in Rowan Class! 

This week we have started our WWII studies with more incredible historical discussion; building our history skills and our knowledge. We have used various sources to learn about evacuees and during our English sessions we have started our new novel: Goodnight Mister Tom (please do not read the book or watch the film - the element of surprise is crucial to our learning). 

This week, we have also worked on WWII timelines, diary entries, wonderful word banks and fantastic text analysis sessions.


During Maths lessons we have covered the tricky areas of division and multiplication. We have started by looking at mental and short methods, making sure that we use the inverse to check our understanding. We have also continued to develop our Mental Maths skills and our Algebra/WWI board games which are AMAZING!


On Wednesday we had another fantastic Outdoor Learning Day with a huge variety of activities: digging the pond area, nature art, poetry, outdoor maths, stuck in the mud, relaxation, team challenges, evacuee dioramas and, of course, enjoying our fantastic teepee- what a great day! smiley


We are also enjoying our brilliant new interactive board, I am busy learning all the new tricks and reading up about the exciting new interactive activities.


Congratulations to Ollie, Ronan, Katie and Etienne who won last week's WWI Poetry Competition.


Have a lovely weekend,


Miss Hooper x 

Weekly Update: 9th-13th November

This week we have continued with our assessments and gap analysis. We have made great progress already and in some cases, particularly in arithmetic, we have seen over 10 marks improvement!


During our Maths time we have focused on more complex addition and subtraction questions, mental maths, algebra and our incredible algebra board games.


With our writing we have created amazing non-fiction, explanation texts all about life in the trenches. In response to Remembrance Day, we have also written some very effective WWI poems. 


In History, we have extended our learning through WWI poetry and a very emotive film clip - The Piano. I am so very impressed with the thirst for knowledge and ambition for learning - keep it up everyone!


Congratulations to Hannah and Katie who won last week's spooky story competition!


Have a lovely weekend,


Miss Hooper x 


Don't forget: Outdoor Learning Day Wednesday 18th November 

Weekly Update: 2nd - 6th November

Welcome back to Term 2! This week we have been extremely busy with assessments and our fascinating new topic: The Woeful World Wars. In particular, we have focused on the start of WWI and the true story of Sydney Dobson; a 15 year old boy from Durham, who signed up and tragically died in Flanders.


In class, we have created some incredible timelines, fact files and artwork - all representing our history learning - very impressive knowledge, understanding and presentation! 


In maths we have been recapping and extending our knowledge of calculation and algebra. We have also been working on our arithmetic and mental maths strategies.


In other news, I am delighted to announce the winners of the Conservation Competitions from last term:

Winner of the Conservation Picture Book: Ollie

Winner of the Conservation Artwork: Max


Congratulations are also due to Madi and Elliot who have finally earned their pen licences - very well done! 


It has been lovely to catch up with parents this week, your children are doing so well in school and I am so proud of their clear progress already! Please check your emails for personalised Home Learning Targets.


Have a lovely weekend,


Miss Hooper x 


Don't forget your donation for a poppy next week!


Hadlow Primary School

Hadlow, Tonbridge, Kent, TN11 0EH