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HadlowPrimary School

Happiness, Progress, Success

Term 5

Hello - welcome back to Term 5 - a very different Term 5 than planned! However, I have been super busy creating plans, creative project ideas and gathering resources to help you and your family with your home learning. Please get in touch via the class email I am here to answer questions and just have a catch up! Please keep sending your photos, emails and pictures of your wonderful learning - it is great to see what you are all up to.


Keep safe, stay healthy and keep up the hard work!


Miss Hooper x

Term 5 Week 1 Update:


Yet again it has been lovely to catch up with so many of you - thank you for your emails, jokes, photos and good wishes - I hope you are all keeping healthy, safe and happy at this tricky time!


Last week I heard from Adele who had me giggling at her wonderful humour, she has been making nachos for her family and enjoying her beautiful bluebell woodland walk. Mia P has been hard at work tackling extra challenging fractions questions and creating some impressive writing! Imera has demonstrated fantastic presentation by finishing off her Greek Project with her stunning research into Greek architecture - she is also very much enjoying our new topic! Alex is still getting busy in the kitchen (duck and orange casserole this time) and he has managed to gain his scout badge for photography. Tamzin is as dedicated as ever, a lovely sketch of a Hobbit hole, excellent maths and fantastic science! Callum has been getting arty with our new topic - Fantasy, Forests and Folklore. Maryam, and family, have celebrated her little brother's first birthday and she is enjoying time to draw even more than usual! Mia M has been busy with lots of creative learning, she is enjoying her daily walks and her quad bike! Bonar is enjoying quality family time and fantastic bike rides. Paige has enjoyed our comprehension work from The Hobbit and she is collecting/creating a beautiful collage with items from her walks. Imi is super busy juggling all of her dance commitments and school work - she has even found time to play the harp and cook her family a delicious chicken curry!


Wow! I am so proud of you all, it has been a delight to hear from you and see all your wonderful learning and activities - please keep them coming.


Keep safe, keep working hard and keep in touch!


Miss Hooper x 

Term 5 Week 2 Update:


Wow, you have all been so busy this week! I have been back in school for a couple of days too and I was able to call some of you, I will make sure that I call as many of you as I can next time I am in.


Mia P has been keeping busy with the extra maths challenges and impressive den building with her little brother; she has also created a superb Evolution PowerPoint (see below). Imi is also challenging herself with extra fractions work, she is also the current class leader on the First News iHub with 1,750 points - Wow! Tamzin has been enjoying her creative learning, I am super impressed with her positivity, and she has written a wonderful piece about the Woodland Trust. I actually got to see Jake this week, very briefly while he was picking up his work from school; he has been working hard and enjoying time relaxing in the hot tub! Alex has been enjoying his virtual harp lessons and he has been learning about how to predict the weather...some more sunshine please Alex! Imera has sent me so much amazing work this week (please have a look at her PowerPoint below), she has also been learning a new instrument and is keeping active with her little sister. Isla has been enjoying her books and garden, as well as getting stuck into her percentages work. Holly C has been working hard as well as taking time to relax and do some baking! Speaking of baking, Holly J has been making banana bread, Lily-Rose has made cupcakes and Maya has made millionaire's shortbread! Roni is working hard and has enjoyed catching up with friends over the phone. Crystal has been using her new work books to help her and enjoying time in her swimming pool. And last but not least, Lacey D has been keeping up with her school work and she has exciting new arrivals to keep her busy - her Dalmatian has had puppies! 


While talking to some parents this week I have also mentioned the new wellbeing and transition resources I have uploaded under the 'Extra Resources' tab - please have a look through them together as a family. Transition can be worrying at best of times and in this uncertain times it is very important to talk and discuss. Please contact me if you would like any specific resources or advice.


Keep working hard and keep safe!


Miss Hooper x

Term 5 Week 3 Update:


Goodness me, you have all packed so much in this week! Yet again I have been inundated with fabulous photos and accounts of your exciting activities - you are all doing so well and your positivity is amazing!


Firstly, I just want to apologise for a few late replies, I have been without internet for a couple of days and then we experienced a giant 12 hour power cut yesterday - a nightmare for communication! Anyway, finger crossed everything is now sorted!


Imera has been working so hard she has finished her maths book! She has also been learning about rare flowers. Maya has created a beautiful interactive, illustration of a butterfly's life cycle. Imi and Alex have both been virtual camping with the scouts and they have had a great time celebrating VE Day. Soma, Alfie and Adele have been enjoying the comprehension tasks and activities through the First News ihub - the current class leader is still Imi with an incredible 2,220 points! Closely followed by Imera with 1,825 points - can anyone change the leader board next week? Tamzin has been busy watching lots of maths videos and she is keen to get back to school and see everyone! Harry is working hard and enjoying his creative learning. Holly C has also been getting crafty and is currently experimenting with acrylic paint.  And Mia P has also been painting making, delicious brownies and enjoying her woodland walks. 


Your regular contact and wonderful photos are very much appreciated - thank you!


Keep safe and enjoy the sunshine! 


Miss Hooper x 

Term 5 Week 4 Update:

Well it is very odd indeed to think that last week was KS2 SATs week; I have such mixed feelings about these exams anyway, you have all worked so hard and know that you would have done your very best. 

Last week was also a slightly cooler week, so less lovely woodland walk pictures, but non-the-less you have been very busy with your various creative activities!


Tamzin has been finishing her wonderful legend with a range of different illustrations. She has also been working so hard on her analysis of 'The Lady of Shallot' -super work Tamzin! Imi has also completed her short story and she continues to be very busy juggling her dance and school work commitments. Imera and Mia P have also sent their new King Arthur legends to me - very impressive use of language and descriptive techniques (please see all the legends below).Paige has created a wonderful mini dinosaur world - so creative and fun! Alex is enjoying his home learning, Scout activities and looking at the secondary transition resources. He is also learning a new piece on the harp. 


The First News iHub is going down really well and lots of you are now using the fantastic resources, well done! The current leader board looks like this:


Imera: 5,630 points

(with an incredible 20 different activities completed - wow Imera!)

Alex: 3,785 points 

Emily: 3,650 points


Keep it up everyone, I am so pleased you are enjoying this amazing online resource!


That's it for now, keep in touch and enjoy the sunshine!


Miss Hooper x 

Term 5 Week 5 Update:


The end of the strangest term ever and I am so proud of all your many achievements! 


Isla has been working so hard with her maths work and enjoying some extra help from her big sister too!  Tamzin has really been enjoying her Harry Potter books; she also made a lava lamp, enjoyed her Shakespeare research and built a den in the forest. Imi has been loving the ballet clip analysis from Thursday and has sent through a wonderful rewritten scene. Holly C has been sharing her acrylic accomplishments and she got to watch one of my favourites: 'Robin Hood Prince of Thieves!' Adele has been enjoying her time outdoors as well as the First News iHub. Maya has created a wonderful time poster and she made some Oreo Brownies - Yum! Paige has continued to be creative with her learning, using lots of different resources from around the house. Alex has been watching numerous documentaries about volcanos, he has also made a chicken and bramley casserole and a fantastic drawing of Puck! Imera has been designing her own wonderful science experiments and she is super busy with her online dance lessons! Mia P has been colourful and creative with her maths learning, she has also been very engaged with her Robin Hood and Shakespeare work. And last, but certainly not least, Alfie has been very busy learning in so many different ways! A wonderful collection of photos ranging from his woodland walks and photography to the final copy of his legend and even a newt - great work Alfie!


First News Leader Board:

Imera: 7,940 points

Imi: 5,740 points

Maya: 5,275 points 

Please keep using this fantastic resource, you can dip into it whenever you feel like it and brush up on your non-fiction comprehension skills.


Have a lovely, safe and sunny half term, and I hope to see you soon!


Miss Hooper x  

Maths questions and answers will be uploaded here daily, along with any additional English/Science resources required for your daily lessons. 

Hadlow Primary School

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