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Hadlow Primary School offers a wide range of learning experiences, both curricular and extra-curricular.

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School Curriculum 2015 - 2016        


English Curriculum

At Hadlow Primary School we aim to provide an environment where children can learn to communicate efficiently, effectively and with enjoyment through printed and written English. In support of our aims, English is taught everyday in each classroom. We want to develop real writers who record for a purpose and an audience. Our writers will edit, revise and redraft their work like true authors with our support and guidance. We will build on your child's existing skills and develop them in partnership with you by encouraging independent home learning that re enforces what is being taught in class. 

Every opportunity is taken, from the time your child enters school, to expose them to an attractive and stimulating array of books to develop a love and enthusiasm for reading. Your child should come to enjoy reading for its own sake, and to turn willingly to books as sources of pleasure and information.


Daily Phonics/Spelling and Guided Reading sessions are taught across KS1 and KS2, as well as discreet spelling, punctuation, grammar and handwriting lessons.

Maths Curriculum

Work in mathematics begins in the reception class with an emphasis on experience and practical work in order to establish concepts basic to your child’s future mathematical growth. It is our aim that your child should experience success and excitement in their maths so that they develop a positive attitude to the subject. Attention is also given to mental arithmetic, as it is in this form that most people need to use mathematical skills in every day life. Multiplication tables are very important in this respect and we will expect your child to master them. Apart from work done in maths lessons, your child will also meet the need to use mathematical skills in other areas of the curriculum. This will provide your child with a broader base and help them to appreciate the relevance of mathematics to the real world

Science Curriculum

We aim to ensure that through science your child will develop their knowledge and understanding of the natural and physical world in which they live. Scientific knowledge will be taught through schemes of work and include topics focusing on plants and animals, their own bodies, weather and the environment, materials forces and energy, colour and light, sound, electricity and magnetism. Scientific skills are taught through varied practical activities and will involve observation, measurement, prediction and problem solving. In science we aim to encourage your child to develop an enquiring mind coupled with a concern and respect for resources, the environment, fauna and flora

Computing Curriculum

To teach computing we are currently using the Kent Scheme which focuses on Digital Literacy, IT and Computer Science.


We also run Espresso coding.


In Key Stage 1 your child will be taught to use ICT equipment and software to communicate and handle information, support their problem solving, recording and expressive work.


In Key Stage 2 your child will be encouraged to extend their range of ICT tools for communication, investigation and control.

Religious Education Curriculum

MFL Curriculum

Modern Foreign Languages is taught in KS2.

Our School's language is French and we teach this from the Rising Stars French curriculum.


Topics covered include:

-         Simple greetings (bonjour, au revoir)

-         Basic conversation (what is your name? How old are you? Are you ok? Yes, No etc)

-         Numbers from 1- 50

-         Birthdays, Christmas,

-         Months of the year and days of the week

-         Body parts

-         Colours

-         Animals

-         Travel

-         Weather