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Golden Rules & Values

Behaviour Blueprint


At Hadlow Primary School we have produced our own bespoke Behaviour Blueprint, which focuses on routines and positive relationships. Every member of staff in school is committed to following this behaviour blueprint to provide consistency, stability and positivity for all our pupils. The blueprint outlines three golden rules which, when followed consistently, will lead to happiness, progress and success for ALL learners. These rules are displayed in every learning environment in the school.



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School Values


At Hadlow Primary School, we endeavour for our pupils to become well rounded, confident and accomplished learners who have purposeful, transferrable skills that they can apply to all of their learning.


We endeavour to promote positive and effective behaviour for learning through our whole school values. These values are embedded in everyday teaching and learning to ensure that our children develop skills that shape them to become lifelong learners.


We have five school values that underpin the ethos of the school and play a huge part in the curriculum;


Collaboration, Resilience, Independence, Creativity and Reflection.


The children have created learning characters for each of the values, which remind the children of what these values ‘look’ like and these are visible in all learning environments in the school. 




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British Values


We recognise and acknowledge the diverse society which our children are part of.

British Values underpin all that we do at Hadlow Primary School. We actively promote fundamental British values, through challenging opinions or behaviours in school that are contrary to them. Children are encouraged to use these values to:


  • Develop their self-knowledge, self-esteem and self-confidence

  • Distinguish between right and wrong and to respect the rules of the school and wider society

  • Accept responsibility for their behaviour, show initiative and contribute positively to other people’s lives

  • Show an understanding and tolerance of different faiths and cultures

  • Respect other people and the need for democracy



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