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HadlowPrimary School

Happiness, Progress, Success

Term 1


Spellings will continue to follow the Sir Linkalot App and will be sign posted here weekly. Please encourage your child to explore spelling and vocabulary to help them with all their learning - please see the Spelling Section under the Rowan Home Learning tab for extra support and ideas.


1. Download it from the App Store, Play Store or Amazon  2. Tap on 'log in' (top right) 3. Click on 'Have a 2021/22 access code?'  (not 2020/21) 4. The promo code is Hadlow2022/23


In class we will also be exploring expressive, precise vocabulary choices (along with spelling patterns and high frequency words) and a range of topic specific/technical language.



Week 2: Pear Poe (Homophones)

Week 3: Pear Poe (Homophones)

Week 4: Loose Lear (Homophones)

Week 5: Loose Lear (Homophones)

Week 6: Loose Lear (Homophones)

Week 7: Discreet Dahl (Homophones)

Leader Board: First News iHub

1st Place: James (10,530 points)

2nd Place: Benjamin (7,115 points)

3rd Place: Joseph (6,495 points)

Weekly Update: Week 8


We learnt about classification by using Liquorice All Sorts. We distinguished between the different similarities and differences by asking questions. We also talked about Carl Linnaeus and his theory of taxonomy. (James and Connor)



In class we have been busy writing either a persuasive letter or a creative picture book. Both options had to demonstrate our English and Geography learning from the whole term; they had to spread awareness of climate change, endangered species or habitat loss. I found this activity very interesting as I got to review the whole term. (Lucy)



Negative Number learning has been fun and progressive with lots of thinking and puzzles. First we considered different definitions, then we designed our own inforgraphics, then we completed some group work before moving on to independent learning. (Anagha)



We were so lucky to have reached our 'Treat Day' and we chose to do baking and art. We made things that everyone in the class likes: brownies, cheese straws, red velvet, lemon drizzle, sausage rolls, choc-chip cookies and Victoria sponge. It was really fun, we had a great day! (Elise and Charlie)


Art Work:

We combined patterns with different colours and textures; we experimented with water colours and we used egg boxes to create wacky 3D animal artwork! We also used the many bottle tops to create a huge piece of recycled artwork -  a sea turtle trapped in nets and plastic bags - recycled plastic with an important message! (Simrah and Mia)


Celebration Tea:

Celebration Tea was AMAZING! smiley 

At Celebration Tea the Mayor came and made it feel like a Royal Celebration Tea! It was a very special occasion and I felt extraordinary! (Purdy)


Wow - what and incredible final week and what an incredible Term 1!


Have a lovely restful half term break!


Miss Hooper and The Rowan Team x 





Weekly Update: Week 7

This week we have been busy extending our learning surrounding conservation through an in depth study into global warming and the carbon cycle. Next week we will be looking at our 'carbon footprints' and considering small changes that we could make that would make a huge difference. 


In English we have thoroughly enjoyed the epic story/poem of The Lorax, full of nonsense words, brilliant techniques and very important messages! We used this text to identify different literary features and evaluate the effect on the reader; we also extended our comprehension skills with detailed questions and answers. 


Our Maths lessons have been focused on addition and subtraction, we have recapped basic learning and extended through to complex, multi-step problem solving - I am so proud of the mathematical thinking, discussion and progress shown! smiley


Have a lovely weekend, 


Miss Hooper and The Rowan Team x 


Reminder: Please remember to pay for swimming lessons via ParentMail. 

Weekly Update: Week 6

Wow - what a week of fun and progress! With out fail, every child has made incredible progress this week with their friendships, manners, mathematical understanding, art work and the most impressive creative writing! smiley


This week we have based our learning around the beautiful and emotive film clip: 'Mother Nature.' We have used this clip as a developmental tool to extend our vocabulary and our understanding of figurative language. We have also used this as inspiration for our water colour work and our immersive story telling - quite magical and very impressive!


We have also used our Geography time to learn about the science behind climate change, we have been looking at the different impact of human and physical geography over time, we will be extending this further over the next few weeks. 


Lastly, we have been discussing the vital importance of safety. It is so crucial that we are all able to talk about this area, for example: road safety, safety when cooking and online safety. We have some very mature and well-informed young people in Rowan Class! Please take some time this weekend to discuss further. 


Have a lovely weekend, 


Miss Hooper and The Rowan Team x 

Weekly Update: Week 5


The main highlight this week has been our Outdoor Learning Day on Tuesday: what a fantastic day full of team challenges, allotment work, creative tray mini worlds, active maths, leaf printing, big build challenges...and so much more!


We have also been challenging ourselves with lots of different reasoning problems, creative story maps, incredible fact files and beautiful pastel work - watch this space to see our final, published learning!


I also wanted to say a huge thank you, the quality of home learning has been so very impressive so far this term - all your efforts at home make a big difference - thank you! smiley


Have a lovely weekend, 


Miss Hooper and The Rowan Team x

Weekly Update: Week 4

We have had another varied and busy week in Rowan Class. 


In English we have covered text analysis, what to look out for and how to spot different techniques. We have also worked hard to include these techniques in our own short stories. 


In Maths we have continued our focus surrounding Place Value with additional activities and games involving multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1,000. Our combination of Yoga and Mental Maths is also working very well, some great progress already!


On Tuesday we spent some time covering the life and history of Queen Elizabeth II. We used mindfullness colouring to reflect, we learnt lots of interesting facts and details about her life and we collected some of our own thoughts and feelings.


After a fun and intense learning session, our Sports Leaders are now fully trained and are raring to go with their activities and responsibilities.


Have lovely weekend, 


Miss Hooper and The Rowan Team x 


Reminder: Outdoor Learning Day Tuesday 27th September 

Weekly Update: Week 3

Phew - what a busy week!


In English we have created some stunning description and poetry surrounding our main text: Ice Trap. We have also extended out comprehension with detailed text analysis and vocabulary discussion. 


Maths has been a blast this week with so many games and inventions! We have been using playing cards, spinners and dice to generate numbers and further our understanding of Place Value.


On Tuesday we enjoyed our first Science Day, looking at Living Things and their Habitats. We refreshed our understanding of Vertebrates/Invertebrates, we discussed the difference between living and man-made and began to classify and, we observed an exciting yeast experiment. 


We have also been using the outdoor space to collect ideas for our Science learning and for our fitness/exercise. We had a visit on Thursday from 'Dan the Skipping Man,' we are now feeling truly inspired and many of us have mastered a few of his skipping tricks already!


Have a lovely weekend, 


Miss Hooper and The Rowan Team x



Weekly Update: Week 2


As we come to the end of our first full week together, I am thrilled with how much we have already covered, and I am so impressed with the levels of ambition and maturity already being shown! We are in for a terrific year! smiley


This week we have covered a number of new year/PSHE lessons and activities.

We have refreshed our mathematical minds with Place Value and various Mental Maths strategies.

In Geography we are learning about conservation, so we have launched our topic with an inspiring documentary, discussion and debate.

Our English has been centered around the picture book Ice Trap, with some brilliant descriptive writing and stunning artwork.

We have also enjoyed our new PE lessons, including Yoga and our first taste of the Year 6 Team Challenges... Watch this space for further updates and more news!


On Thursday, number of us took the Kent Test/11+ and, of course we have taken a poignant look back at the Queen's life and her many achievements.


Have a lovely weekend,


Miss Hooper and The Rowan Team x


Hadlow Primary School

Hadlow, Tonbridge, Kent, TN11 0EH