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HadlowPrimary School

Happiness, Progress, Success

Term 1


Spellings will be tested every Friday.


Week 2: Ending 10th September

Icy                      Were

Bitter                  Wear

Frozen                Where

Chilly                  September

Antarctica           Conservation

Geography          Global Warming 


Week 3: Ending 17th September

Earth              Beautiful

World             Ugly          

Globe             Nature

Planet             Pollution

Animals          Species

Plants             Endangered


Week 4: Ending 24th September

What                Polar 

When               Arctic 

How                 Climate Change

Who                 Isolated  

Weary              Vulnerable

Fatigued          Emaciated 


Week 5: Ending 1st October

I'm                   Volcano

Can't                Lava

Don't               Destruction

He'll/ She'll      Disaster  

It's                   Panic    

Couldn't           Chaos


Week 6: Ending 8th October

weak                root

week                route

horrible            adorable

terrible             enjoyable

possible           breakable

invincible         forgivable


Week 7: Ending 15th October

Kindness             Plastic

Respect               Ocean

Responsibility      Energy

Guilt                    Power

Purpose               Saving

Awareness           Sustainability




First News iHub Leader Board:

1st Place: Harley (14,105 Points)

2nd Place: Henry (12,445 Points)

3rd Place: Naaman (6,955 Points)

Weekly Update: 18th - 22nd October

What a wonderful term, we have been looking back through our books this week and reviewing everything that we have covered - some truly exceptional learning and progress! smiley


This week we have enjoyed a fun introduction to algebra with an interactive board game and a missing number workshop. In English, we have concluded our 'Conservation' topic with a very impressive final piece of writing, either a non-fiction text, an extended poem, a short story or a formal letter. Again the progress both with content and presentation is incredible - we are so proud of you all!


Congratulations to Naaman our Term 1 Celebration Tea recipient.


Well done to our competition winners:

Contrasting Art Competition Winners: Daisy, Tommy, Bailee, Henry and Vinnie S

Energy Saving Plan Winners: Poppy and Evelyne


Have a lovely, safe and restful half term,


Miss Hooper x


Reminder: If you would like to be a School Ambassador, please submit your application letter by Friday 5th November.

Weekly Update: 11th - 15th October

Even though we have had quite reduced numbers this week, we have still kept up the learning pace with additional outdoor learning, an extra (super fun) PE lesson and even some CPR training!


We have also been extending and consolidating our geography learning by discussing the idea of our 'Carbon Footprint;' analysing the depth of the plastic crisis and we have stated to develop our own Energy Saving Plan.


In Maths, many of us are already on our second exercise book which is incredible! This week we have particularly focused on: number bonds, sequences, ordering numbers (converting between decimals and fractions), multiples and factors, reasoning with addition and subtraction and various retrieval activities.


In English we have used two final picture books, The Lorax and The Promise. We have been using these two different texts to enhance our reading and writing skills; with a view to creating a fabulous final piece of persuasive writing next week.


Have a lovely weekend, keep healthy and stay safe!


Miss Hooper x



Weekly Update: 4th-8th October

What a week of progress and wonderful learning!


We have been so busy enjoying our incredible 'Mother Earth' film clip; learning about all kinds of special numbers (prime, squared, cubed); looking at different geography case studies for natural disasters; recapping figurative language and enhancing our sentence openers...


We also had a fantastic day in the sun on Wednesday, our Outdoor Learning Day was a true success and we can't wait to book in the next one! Activities included: digging the pond, work in the allotment, a Design and Technology Challenge, team building games, sketching and making a mini tray world (please see the photos above).


I am delighted with the focus and clear progress already being shown by so many children - keep up the hard work everyone!


Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Hooper x  

Weekly Update: 27th September- 1st October

This week we have enjoyed our first full Science Day - we completed 2 different experiments (yeast and bacteria), lots of research and discussion and we started our Living Things and their Habitats topic. 


We have also covered negative number, basic arithmetic and word problems in maths. During our English and creative sessions, we have used sketching, pastels and story maps to enhance our learning. This week our special book focus has been: The Polar Bears Are Hungry, a beautiful and emotive picture book covering the difficult topic of global warming!


In PSHE this week, we have discussed the idea of: Responsibility, listing all the things we are responsible for and we have created our own Zones of Regulation Toolkit. 


Have a lovely weekend,


Miss Hooper x


Reminder: Outdoor Learning Day Wednesday 6th - own clothes (old, warm layer with a waterproof and sensible clothes)

Weekly Update: 20th - 24th September

Our Maths this week has been focused on: reasoning, calculation, rounding, more complex place value and building our mental maths strategies. We have continued to use the outdoor space to get active with our maths and learn in different, memorable styles.


In English and Geography we have been studying the incredible book: Can We Save the Tiger? This emotive and beautifully presented picture book has given us such a good insight into the various reasons why animals are endangered. We have looked at a complex list of reasons and have used mature debate to enhance our learning. We then used our research to create detailed fact files, using a variety of different writing techniques


During our enrichment afternoons, we have thoroughly enjoyed a walk around our newly awarded OUTSTANDING allotment and we have continued with our contrasting collage work. This week we have also completed our fantastic scarecrow - please see the photos above and enjoy the Scarecrow Walk this weekend!


Try to get outside this weekend, enjoy the sunshine and get active!

Have a lovely weekend,


Miss Hooper x


Please Remember: School Diaries should be handed in everyday and Home Learning is due every Wednesday.



Weekly Update: 13th - 17th September

What a busy week! Again, we have been delighted with the focus, attention to detail and confidence shown by all children - keep up it up everyone, we are so impressed! smiley


In English we have been recapping basic GPS skills and enjoying the incredible adventures of April Pevensea, a futuristic sequel to Ice Trap. We have also been writing descriptive poetry and detailed diary entries.


This week in maths we have continued to revise basic calculation with creative techniques and guided sessions. We have now moved our place value focus on to multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1,000 - a great outdoor learning session!


In geography we are studying endangered animals and we used the brand new laptops to help our research. We have also been creating contrasting conservation art work and in the afternoons we have been enjoying our Class Novel: Street Child.


Have a lovely weekend,


Miss Hooper x

P.S The Yr 6 ties finally arrived, please make sure that your child is wearing their special tie with pride every day!

Weekly Update: 6th-10th September

Wow - what an incredible first week...and a bit! I am so delighted to be back in school with a brilliant group of children who have thoroughly impressed us with their energy, manners, positive attitudes and mature mindset - keep it up everyone! smiley


This week we have recapped place value in maths with some fun games and we have started our very effective combination of Yoga and Mental Maths. In English, we have been exploring vocabulary and the incredible true story of Shackleton and the Endurance.


We have also enjoyed the weather with some outdoor learning activities, arty enrichment and our scarecrow competition this space!


I would also like to congratulate our 10 amazing Kent Test candidates; I am so proud of all your efforts on Thursday - total super stars!


Have a lovely weekend,


Miss Hooper x



Hadlow Primary School

Hadlow, Tonbridge, Kent, TN11 0EH