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HadlowPrimary School

Happiness, Progress, Success




At Hadlow Primary, we want history to inspire pupils to learn about the world they live in and gain a deep understanding of how history has shaped our society today.


We want our curriculum to be representative of our diverse society and equip our children with the skills and knowledge to find out more about the recent and distant past.


Children will be immersed in an ambitious, broad and rich curriculum which will provide them with experiences and accounts of the past from key sources, accessible to all.


To deepen their experience pupils will be provided with artefacts, photographs, oral and written sources. Over their primary school experience, children will be taught to link historical knowledge by developing their historical skills and exploring events with curiosity, develop arguments, weigh evidence and build their confidence to formulate their own ideas based on the historical evidence.We want children to recognise causes and consequences of events and developments over time. 


Progression will be achieved by creating a curriculum that links and builds on previous taught historical knowledge & skills alongside incorporating new knowledge each year. At Hadlow, our planning is built around key conceptual threads, woven into the primary history curriculum, regularly revisited, so they build a bigger picture in terms of change over time within society.


We want children to make sense of history by focusing our teaching on chronology, looking at where each topic fits in a timeline of history, though not always by teaching the curriculum in chronological order. Displaying and creating their own timelines in all classrooms, particularly in KS2, is central to the children's experience in order to: understand when historical events occurred, be able to compare significant events and eras and be able to have a broader understanding of world history such as learning about the first ancient civilisations. 


Above all, we want to inspire our children and create a love of history and the world around us. Our teachers are passionate about teaching history and use many creative ways to engage the children in this interesting and important subject. 



The primary history curriculum is taught over 3 terms


We cover all the mandatory curriculum topics of British history and Ancient Civilisations with a strong emphasis on chronology, and using sources and artefacts to build up history knowledge and enquiry skills.


Topics covered by year group are: 

EYFS - Me and my family, Living memory, toys from the past

Year 1 - History of the Home, London past and present, Kings & Queens

Year 2 - Streets through time, Dive into the Decades (20th century), Castle and Queens 

Year 3 - Stone Age to Iron Age in Britain, The Tudors, Ancient Sumer and Indus Valley

Year 4 - Roman Britain, Ancient Egypt and British monarchs & Empire

Year 5 - Anglo Saxons & Vikings, Ancient Maya, Victorian Britain

Year 6 - World War I & II, Ancient Greece, Shang Dynasty

Hadlow Primary School

Hadlow, Tonbridge, Kent, TN11 0EH