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HadlowPrimary School

Happiness, Progress, Success

Term 4

Welcome back Maple Class! 

Week 6 (29-03-21 - 02-04-21)

In the final week of term 4, Maple class will be revisiting fractions in Maths and finish exploring the Mesoamerican cultures with the Inca, before learning about the Spanish colonisation of the Americas in the 16th century. In Topic, we will focus on note taking, then planning and drafting a recount/newspaper article. The class can also look forward to more colour mixing in art, bucket ball and rugby in PE and some fun and games (times tables!) to see out the term. 

Art: Colour mixing and sweep strokes; creating impressionist Elephants.

Topic: Using direct and reported to speech to plan and write a newspaper article on the Spanish invasion of Mesoamerica.

PE: Rugby - passing and evasion drills.

Maths: Times Tables practice.

PE: Developing our dribbling (co-ordination) and defending skills.

Week 5 (22-03-21 - 26-03-21)

This week Maple will explore the Mesoamerican religions and build up to writing descriptive narratives in Topic. In Maths, the class will continue to develop their multiplication and division skills, whilst reviewing prime numbers and factors. Pupils can also look forward to Bucket ball in PE, gratefulness and kindness in PHSE, colour mixing and lines in Art and more material properties in Science. 

Wonderful work/Maple class displays: Mesoamericans.

Science: exploring the uses of materials.

Topic: Proofreading and editing our descriptive narratives.

Maths interventions and daily mile: Quick-fire times tables after each lap; basketball shots for correct answers!

Art: Using lines (sweep strokes) to create Aztec Temples.

Topic: researching, designing and making Aztec weapons.

Maths: reviewing Prime Numbers.

Wellbeing: “whose line is it anyway?” (Developing listening and improvisation skills).

PE: Bucket/basketball - teamwork, passing and creating space.

Week 4 (15-03-21 - 19-03-21)

This week, Maple will continue to focus on kindness: setting kindness goals, thinking about how to communicate kindness and exploring identity. During Topic, we will venture further into the Maya civilisation, discuss using the active voice in writing and pen our own poems! The class can look forward to multiplication in Maths, comprehension (including Mayans and the rainforest) in their Guided Reading, teamwork in PE and shading in Art!

Topic: The Maya - using word classes to create sentences, phrases and poems.

PHSE: How we can show kindness.

PE: bucket-ball - passing, defending, finding/making space and teamwork.

Maths: colour by multiplication.

Guided Reading/Comprehension: science and daily life for the Maya.

Week 3 (08-03-21 - 12-03-21)

The Maple team are delighted to welcome the pupils back to school. During the first week, the class have focused on their wellbeing, ensuring that they all feel happy and comfortable back in the classroom. We have also reintroduced some our core subjects: Maths, English, Science and Reading. 

Maths: reviewing addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Topic: planning, drafting and writing formal letters.

Science: material properties.

Hadlow Primary School

Hadlow, Tonbridge, Kent, TN11 0EH