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HadlowPrimary School

Happiness, Progress, Success

Term 4

Easter Egg-stravaganza

Irreversible and reversible changes - Science

Change for Life

Healthy Lifestyle Workshop

The children were so excited to have a healthy lifestyle workshop. They enjoyed the quick fire quiz and cycling to blend their smoothies.

Beowulf’s Last Monster

Beowulf’s final battle is one against a fire-breathing dragon. This was the third monster Beowulf encountered according to the epic poem and was considered to be the most significant one.


‘The dragon, which has been diligently guarding his riches, awakens to find a cup missing. It emerges from the tower in search of the missing object. The dragon soars over Geatland, enraged, and sets fire to everything. The flames even consumed Beowulf’s great mead hall.’


The children were asked to think about the furious dragon and design and make his eye out of clay, focussing on the expression that he would be making and the texture of the skin and scales.

Anglo-Saxon Homework

Beatrix Potter

Hadlow Primary School

Hadlow, Tonbridge, Kent, TN11 0EH