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HadlowPrimary School

Happiness, Progress, Success

Term 6

Week 6

This week we have been reading Jasper's Beanstalk about a cat who tried to grow some beans. Unfortunately he wasn't patient enough so he gave up! Today, we decided to see if we were patient enough to grow some seeds and planted some cress. We know that plants need water, soil and light to grow so we will look after them and see what happens. 

We have been learning about the prefix 'un' and wrote sentences using some of the words we had thought of.
Week 5
We made Bengal Tigers and created our own mendhi patterns. We learnt that henna is used to make patterns on hands and feet in India.
We are reading the book 'I is for India' today, so we tried mangoes, poppadoms and some mango chutney. Everybody tried the food and the favourite one was the poppadoms. Well done Plum Class for trying everything!
We had a minibeast scientific afternoon. We learnt about different habitats and made our own minibeast hotel. We also went on a minibeast hunt and drew detailed pictures. We saw an ants nest with lots of tunnels and eggs.
Week 4
Can you guess what we have made from Lego?
We played in the shade using sticks to build nests and dens.
We made fruit baskets using the colours we had mixed yesterday.
We practised colour mixing ready to cut out a peach, pear and plum tomorrow as we are reading the book 'Each Peach Pear Plum' in class today and tomorrow. 

Look at our super stories about the beach. We made sure we used full stops and a capital letter for 'I' and at the beginning of our sentences. We also used adjectives to add description.

We made different arrays with 10 cubes and began to learn about multiplication. Each tower had to be equal in size.
Today, we practised bouncing and shooting skills.
In Maths, we drew arrays for multiplication. To do this we organised a shoal of twelve fish into equal rows.

We have been rhyming words.

Mr Rule and Mrs Vanns have put up canopies for extra shade, ahead of the hot week to come.
We have been predicting which objects will float and which will sink in Science.
Week Three
Look how carefully we are practising our handwriting.
We have been measuring length in centimetres using a ruler.
We watered the plants in our allotment.
Learning about shape and pattern.
We’re Going on a Bear Hunt
Rainbow Fish
We completed lots of activities using water, including volume using 5ml syringes, making watercolour fish and making a boat from a leaf.
Week Two

Farm Day

Musical statues before home time.

We listened to a radio programme about pigs then made these peg pigs. We showed wonderful cutting skills and named the body parts of a pig.
We talked about what makes a farm animal then played with toy animals. First they needed a good wash before making pens and cages. (Some of the animals are not usually found on a farm)

Nature Day

We made the fruit basket from the story Handa's Surprise. The basket contains a banana, an orange, an avocado, a banana, a passion fruit, a guava and a pineapple. We needed to consider the size and shape of each fruit.

We thought about the types of animals in Handa's Surprise; the animals were mammals or birds. We made a nest for an imaginary bird.

Birthdays day 

We had lots of birthday fun today. We completed a birthday cake maths problem, played some party games and sang to the children who had their birthdays in lockdown. We read the book A Box of Tricks.

We played guess the animal. You can see we are using our thinking skills!

Rainbow Day

We made a group rainbow by threading beads. We also thought about what makes us unique and read the book Elmer.

Gardening and painting

Keeping two metres apart.
Excercising before lunch!
Can you make a rainbow?
Week One
School Learning Heroes

Home Learning Heroes


Week One

Hadlow Primary School

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