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HadlowPrimary School

Happiness, Progress, Success

Term 5

Kent Test 11+ Information for Yr 5 Parents and Carers:

To access the audio that is recorded over the PowerPoints, please open the 'slide show' option and then select 'from beginning.' If you 'enable editing' the audio will not play.

Welcome back Maple Class! 

Week 6 (24-05-21 - 28-05-21)

In the final week of Term 6, Maple will finish Artemis Fowl by creating a fact file about the interesting characters and events they have explored over the past 6 weeks. In Maths, the class will review decimals, area and perimeter, before converting metric units. The class can also look forward to: ultimate frisbee and rounders in PE; the Islamic creation story in RE; daily comprehension and reading tasks; times tables and GPS activities; and, the water cycle in Science. 

Maths: Converting Metric Units.

PE: Rounders - fielding drills and kickball.

Topic: Creating character profiles.

Week 5 (17-05-21 - 21-05-21)

This week in Maths, Maple will continue their work with decimals and fractions, focusing on working with and converting tenths, hundredths and thousandths. In Topic, the class will be planning, writing and editing a story, ensuring they use effective dialogue following their LO’s in Week 4. The class can also look forward to more ultimate frisbee in PE; the water cycle in science; misconceptions and Islam in RE; together with daily Guided Reading, GPS and times tables practice.  

Topic: Drafting and editing a story.

Guided Reading: Comprehension, free reading and review tasks.

Art/DT: Designing and making frogs.

Change4Life: Exploring healthy lifestyle choices.

GPS: Sentence openers game.

PE: Passing and catching / preparing for rounders.

Topic: Guided write (setting the scene) and planning a story.

Topic: Outlining a story - using story maps and S.A.D.

Maths: Recognising tenths and hundredths.

Week 4 (10-05-21 - 14-05-21) 

This week in Maths, Maple class will be recapping fractions and place value, before diving deeper into decimals. By the end of the week, the class should feel confident converting decimals to fractions, and vice versa. In Topic, the class will focus on dialogue. We will be analysing texts to help plan and draft a short story, using effective and accurate dialogue. The class can also look forward to frisbee golf and  rounders in PE, times tables practice, Guided Reading, GPS, misconceptions in RE and experiments with salt and ice in science. 

Topic: Planning a narrative.

Butterfly painting and planting!

Times tables practice: Sevens.

Week 3 (04-05-21 - 07-05-21)

It’s every pupils favourite week of the term: testing week! During week 3, Maple will be assessed on their progress in Maths (arithmetic and reasoning), English and GPS (reading, spelling and grammar). Sadly, it isn’t just 24/7 testing, despite Maple class’ protests... The class will also continue with their voyage through the trials and tribulations of Artemis Fowl. In Maths, we are multiplying and dividing fractions, whilst in PE, we will further develop the throwing, fielding and batting skills from weeks 1/2 in rounders. In science, we will experiment with reversible and irreversible changes to different materials. 

Science - Material properties: Experimenting with reversible and irreversible changes.

Birthday baking!

Science: Predicting and measuring outcomes.

Topic: Drafting and writing a recount/newspaper article.

Maths - Arithmetic: Discussing and demonstrating assessment skills.

Topic: Reported and direct speech / Planning a recount.

PE: Batting practice and Rounders

Week 2 (26-04-21 - 30-04-21)

This week, Maple class will be subtracting and calculating with fractions in Maths, before moving onto working with decimals.  In Topic, we will be exploring Box it Up Plot Patterns to help us plan, draft and write suspenseful scenes. The class can also look further to experimenting with and investigating material properties in science, a variety of comprehension and reading tasks and more ultimate frisbee in PE!

Science: Investigating the hardness of different materials.

Topic: Planning, drafting and writing a suspenseful scene.

PE - Rounders: Blocking, throwing and base drills.

PE - Ultimate Frisbee: Throwing, catching and times tables / Target practice.

Week 1 (19-04-21 - 23-04-21)

This week we will be revisiting fractions in Maths and beginning a new Class Text called Artemis Fowl, a book which will present challenging vocabulary, encourage imagination, and inspire a sense of adventure.

Science - Material Properties: Predicting and measuring the electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, magnetism and transparency of different materials.

Topic: Using emotive language; drafting and planning a letter.

Maths: Counting and adding fractions.

PE: Throwing, chasing and catching (ultimate frisbee)

Topic: Artemis Fowl - creating a character profile

Hadlow Primary School

Hadlow, Tonbridge, Kent, TN11 0EH