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HadlowPrimary School

Happiness, Progress, Success

Term 5

Geographical Location Homework

Collecting data for pie charts

The children were asked to collect data on their peers, put their results in a table and then create a pie chart using the formula.

Children just loved finding out what their classmates favourite pet or favourite football player was, then seeing the visual comparison in a pie chart.

Geography Globe and Atlas work

We were looking at globes and atlases in class and were tasked to look for certain countries as a starter to the lesson.

Coronation Day in School - Crown Making

Children had the choice to make a crown at home to bring in for the day, for the Coronation.

This children had a parade of their crows and a winners were chosen for inventiveness and there own work.

The Artic at dusk

We are looking at The Last Bear in English and so we created the arctic landscape using pastels, thinking about the vibrant, pink skies and adding in the rough mountain terrain in tissue.

We focussed on blending the different colours throughout the sky.

Polar bear features

In enrichment we chose what features of a polar bear we wanted to sketch, the focus being on observation and detail. 
The children saw reflections of the vast landscape in the eyes and noticed the direction of the fur on the paws.

Peer Tutoring

By teaching our peers we are consolidating our knowledge and deepening our understanding.

First P.E lesson of the term

Cricket is this years topic.  We started with bowling practice, focussing of technique and accuracy.

Hadlow Primary School

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