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HadlowPrimary School

Happiness, Progress, Success

Term 2


Spellings will be tested every Friday.


Week 1: Ending 5th November

Peering            Peered

Creeping          Crept

Trudging         Trudged

Trembling       Trembled

Hiding             Hidden 

Writing            Wrote


Week 2: Ending 12th November

War                 Peace

Calm               Rage

Tranquil          Explosion

Silence            Clamour

Emotion          Evacuation

Country           City


Week 3: Ending 19th November

Cautiously         Silently

Gratefully          Absurdly 

Petrified            Alarmed

Exhausted         Humiliated 

Sprinting           Weeping

Whispering        Smiling 


Week 4: Ending 26th November

London              Blitz

Dark                  Light

Dazzling            Iridescent

Illuminated        Obscure

Murky                Fearful

Oppressive        Turmoil 


Week 5: Ending 3rd December

Chaos               Quaint

Distressed         Peaceful

Rubble               Landscape

Urban                Rural 

Fraction             Decimal

Percentage         Amount

Product              Equivalent 


Week 6: Ending 10th December

No Spelling Test in the final week


First News iHub Leader Board:

1st Place: Harley (16,790 points)

2nd Place: Vinnie k (4,320 points)

3rd Place: Toby (4,260 points)



Weekly Update: 13th - 17th December

Another very busy week and the end of an incredible term! I think it is safe to say all the children have thoroughly enjoyed our World War topic, their engagement, subject knowledge and progress has been exceptional! smiley


This week we have learnt about the holocaust, focusing on a child's shoe as an artefact, extracts from the Diary of Anne Frank and the emotive picture book Rose Blanche. We have also continued our learning with percentages and reviewed some of our algebra understanding.


In addition, on Monday we had a brilliant pool party and even got to go on the big slide; we loved our Christmas Party (with the biggest Pass the Parcel you have ever seen); Celebration Tea was lovely with lots of treats and cakes - congratulations Scarlett JT; Christmas Lunch and Christmas films and...we finished the week, and term, with a lovely Yr 5/6 Carol Service.


Thank you all for you continued communication, support and engagement in your child's learning - they are all doing so well!


Have a very safe and happy Christmas!


Miss Hooper x 

Weekly Update: 6th -10th December

Another massively busy week in Rowan Class!

Incredible history learning centred around the Blitz, different historical sources and the beautiful picture book: 'Tail-End Charlie.' Next week we will briefly, and sensitively, be looking at the Holocaust - you may want to discuss this difficult topic with your child over the weekend.


In English we have concluded Goodnight Mister Tom by completing character profiles and rewriting a chapter...we also finished the film - a real treat and I have never seem them so quiet!


During our maths lessons we have deepened our learning surrounding fractions with more calculation learning and finding different fractions or different amounts, we then extended our learning to percentages and learnt a great new strategy - 'The Bubble Method!'


We also managed to fit in a Science Day where we designed and carried out a number of different experiments, learnt about vertebrates and invertebrates and recapped our understanding of flowering plants.


Phew! Keep going everyone, you are doing a great job, we are so proud of you! smiley


Have a lovely weekend,


Miss Hooper x 



  • Yr 5/6 Carol Service Friday 17th December 10:00, St Mary's Church (please see ParentMail and send your negative LFT result through to the office)

  • Term ends Friday 17th December at 1:25 


Weekly Update: 29th November - 3rd December

We started this week with a brilliant day and an incredible trip to the WWI Trenches! All staff, and especially the event leaders, were enormously impressed with the quality of knowledge, confidence, questioning and recall - you all shone so brightly! smiley I hope you will remember this wonderful experience for many years to come!


This week we have also concluded our assessments; continued with our Goodnight Mister Tom learning (diary entries and contrast writing); extended our understanding of fractions, created some brilliant Christmas decorations; started another DT project (Anderson Shelters and Dig for Victory) and used pastels to create an atmospheric 'Blitz' landscape!


Amazing, engaged and focused learning - well done everyone and keep it up! 


Have a lovely weekend,


Miss Hooper x 

Weekly Update: 22nd-26th November

Another very busy week in Rowan Class! While we have been juggling English and GPS assessments this week, we have also continued our learning surrounding The Blitz, Evacuation and Goodnight Mister Tom - some brilliant comprehension skills and sentence structure learning! smiley


In Maths we have started to review and extend our understanding of fractions and how to calculate with fractions - this is a tricky area and we have been so impressive with the focus and determination shown!

Next week we will be completing our first round of formal maths assessment, again any support you can give your child over the weekend to review their learning would be much appreciated. 


On Wednesday we also enjoyed an incredible Outdoor Learning Day - what a joy to see the children recapping and extending their learning in new and exciting ways. We had a jam-packed time table including: geography map work, nature maths (calculation and shape), science based poetry, 2x arty workshops based on texture, lunch and reading in the tepee and...FINALLY... we finished digging the pond! This has been a huge labour of love for me and many previous Rowan Classes; we hope to get the water in next week and then encourage some water plants, a rockery and some more frogs! Huge thanks to Mr Gilder for all his efforts - we couldn't have finished without you!


Have a lovely weekend,


Miss Hooper x


Reminders: Monday 29th November School Photos, Swimming and WWI Trenches Trip (please remember your wellies, warm coat, packed lunch and water bottle!)

Weekly Update: 15th - 19th November

This week we have concluded our WWI learning and started our WWII learning - the quality of history skills, writing, questioning and debate has been outstanding, we are so very proud of you all! smiley


In maths we have continued our review of calculation with a dive into the world of division, again the progress and mathematical reasoning this week has been brilliant! We have also continued with our mental maths strategies and used retrieval practice to revisit concepts covered in Term 1. Over the next two weeks we will be completing our first round of formal assessments; any extra help you can give your child recapping their tricky areas would be greatly appreciated - thank you in advance!


In English we have been using the beautiful short animation, The Piano, to empathise, write in role and create informal letters - super understanding and creativity! We also started to read the incredible classic: Goodnight Mister Tom (for the purposes of surprise and our learning sequencing, please do not read or watch the film).


Please keep up the effort and quality with your home learning, you are all doing so well!


Have a lovely weekend,


Miss Hooper x 


Reminders:  Wednesday 24th November Year 6 Outdoor Learning Day

                   Monday 29th November Trenches Trip (see Parent Mail)




Weekly Update: 8th - 12th November

Another week of incredible learning - I am so proud of the focus, determination and active engagement shown by most children - exceptional learning! smiley


In maths this week we have covered: different multiplication strategies; reasoning techniques and a broad range of mental maths. 


For our English learning we have developed our text analysis skills with a look at the work of John MCrae and Wilfred Owen; we then explored creative writing with our own take on World War I poetry and, we finished the week with a detailed non-fiction, explanation text.


In history and enrichment we have been busy learning the five main reasons for World War I; expanding our learning about life in the trenches and creating our own mini DT trenches.


A busy week with Sports Leader training, but  a reflective week with Remembrance Day, a poignant reminder of the realities of war.


Additionally, I would just like to add that the quality of home learning has dramatically improved, thank you, well done and keep up the hard work! 


Have a lovely weekend,


Miss Hooper  x


Congratulations to our Year 6 Ambassadors:

Buddy CR, Jocie, Vinnie S, Jennifer and Daisy

Weekly Update: 1st - 5th November

What a brilliant first week back! It has been great to see positivity, kindness and exceptional learning radiating from so many children, and a joy to have almost 100% attendance! smiley


This week we have been swimming; we have extended our calculation understanding with function machines and tricky arithmetic; we have immersed ourselves in WWI, creating time lines, 'Life in the Trenches' infographics and extending our comprehension skills; we have planned our DT project and we have discussed the importance of internet safety and kindness - what a busy week!


Please remember to read every night (with follow up comprehension questions) and complete all home learning with quality and beautiful presentation - be proud of your learning!


Have a lovely weekend,


Miss Hooper x 

Hadlow Primary School

Hadlow, Tonbridge, Kent, TN11 0EH