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HadlowPrimary School

Happiness, Progress, Success

Term 2


Spellings will continue to follow the Sir Linkalot App and will be sign posted here weekly. Please encourage your child to explore spelling and vocabulary to help them with all their learning - please see the Spelling Section under the Rowan Home Learning tab for extra support and ideas.


1. Download it from the App Store, Play Store or Amazon  2. Tap on 'log in' (top right) 3. Click on 'Have a 2021/22 access code?'  (not 2020/21) 4. The promo code is Hadlow2022/23


In class we will also be exploring expressive, precise vocabulary choices (along with spelling patterns and high frequency words) and a range of topic specific/technical language.


Week 1: Discreet Dahl (Homophones)

Week 2: Discreet Dahl (Homophones)

Week 3: Level 4 Spaghetti Shakespeare 

Week 4: Level 4 Spaghetti Shakespeare 

Week 5: Level 4 Spaghetti Shakespeare 

Week 6: Level 4 Determined Duffy 

Leader Board: First News iHub

1st Place: Anagha (15,845 points)

2nd Place: Joseph (9,535 points)

3rd Place: Benjamin (7,995 points)

Messy/Outdoor Learning Day:

"It was such a fun day, I really enjoyed the science experiments and muddy/big build challenge, I hope we have more days like this!" Ella-Rose


"What a great day, I enjoyed the cool experiments, getting muddy and the algebra board game!" Riley


"It was so fun to complete all the different challenges, I particularly enjoyed working in the allotment!" Lucy


"I found yesterday really fun, I loved the variety of different experiences and the 'Make do and Mend' textile challenge was my favorite." Phoebe


"My favorite activities were: getting the garden ready for winter and the English Treasure Hunt - I really look forward to these days!" Mia

Weekly Update: Week 6

Well the weather has certainly changed and it is definitely starting to look a lot like Christmas! smiley


Thank you so much for all your efforts with our World War Dress Up Day, the costumes were brilliant and we so appreciated your attendance at our incredible class museum. As a team we worked really hard to put together a fantastic display of all our learning surrounding both World Wars including: trench dioramas, poetry, Wartime algebra board games, Blitz pastel pictures, a wonderful selection of home learning, diary entries, a Wartime Christmas and so much more...

This was a brilliant event as we welcomed almost 40 special visitors. The parents and family members were very impressed with quality of creative writing and the coverage across the various different topics - what a fantastic showcase of learning!

A huge thank you to all who joined us, the class were delighted to show off their numerous achievements - thank you! 


Have a lovely weekend and keep warm! 


Miss Hooper and The Rowan Team x

Weekly Update: Week 5

This week we have focused heavily on our empathy and understanding of character development. We have created detailed diary entries, writing in role as Willie Beech. We have enhanced our writing by sequencing events, and developing our vocabulary through discussion and further comprehension techniques. 


In Maths we have continued our assessments and our dive into the world of fractions - so much progress and so much determination, we are so very proud of you all! smiley


Throughout our History lessons we have continued our WWII topic with a detailed study of the role of women during the war and the ideas behind propaganda. 


In Science we have now launched into our exciting new topic: Evolution. We started with a research project into the life and discoveries of Charles Darwin. 


Thank you for all your support at the Christmas Fair and have a lovely weekend, 


Miss Hooper and The Rowan Team x 

Weekly Update: Week 4

Phew, yet another busy and exciting week in Rowan Class! 


In History we have learnt all about evacuation, rationing and the Blitz. Inspired by our historical knowledge we have created our own Blitz pastel scenes (please see the pictures above).


During our English we have enjoyed our new text: Goodnight Mister Tom, both the text and we have also started watch clips of the film. From our retrieval and inference skills we have created two, detailed contrasting settings.


This week has also been our assessment week and I have been so very impressed with the effort, progress and determination shown - you are all superstars! smiley


Have a lovely weekend, 


Miss Hooper and The Rowan Team x 

Weekly Update: Week 3

On Monday, Year 6 went swimming then we had an extra special treat, we went to the Detling Hill recreated WWI Trenches. 

The weather was incredible, the fog remained and created an eerie atmosphere. We enjoyed two different workshops: 1) 'Dressing a Tommy' - where we examined and investigated the different clothing and equipment used. 2) A tour of the Trenches - this was fascinating, we were able to really step into the soldiers' shoes, explore and feel what like might have been like. 

This whole experience was interesting and inspiring, I learnt a lot and I will never forget! Phoebe


We have also been busy with a Trenches DT project; emotive letter writing inspired by the animation, The Piano; an introduction to algebra and we have also started our new book: Goodnight Mister Tom!


Have a lovely weekend, 


Miss Hooper and The Rowan Team x 

Weekly Update: Week 2

Another very busy week in Rowan Class!


We have been recapping and extending out learning surrounding division, related facts and arithmetic strategies - some brilliant confidence and so much progress, well done everyone! smiley


In English, we have covered some poignant World War I poetry by John McCrae and Wilfred Owen, we then had a go at creating our own poems. 


We have also extended our WWI learning with a closers look at life in the trenches and the Christmas truce. Year 6 also held a special Remembrance Assembly for the whole school, some very clear, expressive reading and such confidence!  


Please remember that next Monday we have swimming and our WWI Trenches trip, please ensure that your child has a packed lunch, wellies and a warm coat! 


Have a lovely weekend, 


Miss Hooper and The Rowan Team x 


Weekly Update: Week 1

Welcome back to Term 2, I hope you all had a wonderful Half Term break! 


We have now launched into our brand new History topic: The World Wars. This week we have been learning about the start of WWI and how tension was building throughout Europe, as well as the assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria. We have also started to look at life in the trenches and the haunting, true story of Sydney Dobson (One Boy's War). 


Our English learning has been based around precise vocabulary choices, imagery and descriptive techniques. We have focused on quality rather than quantity, by crafting perfect sentences and mini paragraphs - we have used the Half Term break and our learning surrounding the WWI Trenches as inspiration. 


In Maths we are recapping, reviewing and extending our understanding of multiplication. We have been identifying patterns and exploring facts that then link to different calculations. The confidence and ambition to succeed has been wonderful to see! smiley


We also started swimming again this week and it was brilliant to see some children move up a group already - well done Emmie and Joseph! 


Have a lovely weekend, 


Miss Hooper and The Rowan Team x

Hadlow Primary School

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