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HadlowPrimary School

Happiness, Progress, Success

Term 1

What a wonderful World! 

Our world, our home.

Week 8

22nd October 2021


We made it! Happy half term everyone and enjoy Halloween! See you on Monday 1st November. 


Best wishes. 


Miss Leigh & Ms Stevens

Oak Class teaching team

Week 8 - Harvest Festival prayers

Week 8 - Spelling & times table posters & compass reading skills lesson!

Week 7

15th October 2021


It’s been another busy week in Oak Class. We have acquired a potential new class pet - currently stick insect eggs, we hope they will gradually grow into stick insects over the next few weeks/months. 


In maths, we’ve been finishing off our place value learning by finding out how to count in 50s and compare numbers. We’ve also been focusing on our times tables and the children are doing brilliantly! Some are already on their 6 times tables!


In English, following on from our Dover posters last week, we have been producing tourism leaflets for Dover. The children have really enjoyed this activity and produced some impressive persuasive and descriptive writing. Careers in marketing await them!


Finally, in Science we learnt about how fossils are formed. Then, using play doh and a shell, we looked at how the shell can make an imprint resembling a fossil ammonite. 


Just one week to go and then we can all have a well deserved rest. Well done Oak Class.


Miss Leigh & Miss Stevens

Oak Class teaching team

Week 7 - Times tables games/practise, how fossils are formed, new class pet & counting in 50s!

How fossils are formed

Still image for this video
LIberty tells us how fossils are formed.

Week 6

8th October 2021


We made it! There's been a lot of sniffles - children and staff - but we have had a good learning behaviour week so got lots done!


In maths, we have been focusing on finding 1, 10, 100 more or less which has been tricky at times, when we cross 100. But we all got there in the end! Well done George for a fabulous week in Maths - completing all the learning and correctly. 


In English, we have been finding out about how to use persuasive writing in advertising - and producing a Visit Dover poster. Well done everyone for creating great posters and to Fyn for being our writer of the week. 


And, finally, we found time to put the kindness stones we made out in the playground. Miss Hawkins and the year 1 children really enjoyed seeing them and moving them to a new place in the school grounds. 


How can it be only two weeks until half term!


Best wishes.


Miss Leigh & Miss Stevens

Visit Dover posters

Maths - 1,10,100 more or less

Week 5 - Oak class in brief

1st October 2021


It’s been an explosive week! We’ve been learning more about our planet by researching facts about volcanoes, as we plan and write an information leaflet about them in English this week. The children have really engaged with the topic and have found some fascinating facts! 


We’ve also enjoyed the amazing volcanoes that the children have been making for their home learning. 


In Maths, we have been really focusing on our understanding of numbers to 1,000 and how we can divide a numberline using 10s, 20s, 25s, 50s and 100s. We’ve nearly cracked it!


Our geography topic has included looking at maps. Miss Leigh & Ms Stevens recalled the days they went driving with no sat nav and only an unwieldy OS map to help them get there. The children enjoyed looking at a detailed key to an OS map of Kent and finding nearby castles and places of interest. 


Our science lesson, this week, was an investigation into what happens when we apply water, acid (vinegar) and pressure to different types of rocks and seeing if that helps us decide if it is a sedimentary, igneous or metamorphic rock. The safety googles were very popular!


Well done Oak Class! 


Miss Leigh & Ms Stevens

Oak Class teaching team

Week 5 Science - How permeable are rocks? Our fair test

Week 5 - Geography: Mapping skills (where’s the Satnav?)

Oak class award winners this week

Week 4 - Oak class news in brief

24th September 2021


Well, how can we be half way through the term already! We have been busy again this week - lots of practical maths lessons to really help understand place value and partitioning 2 and 3 digit numbers by using manipulatives and creating our own numberlines. 


In English, we took as our writing stimulus an abridged version of the Jules Verne fantasy novel, A journey into the centre of the Earth. The class seemed to enjoy making up their own journeys, with some very inventive ways their characters got back home again!


We had our first enrichment afternoon on Wednesday, which included giving the children a greater insight into the structure of the Earth and its four layers, and we did some kindness message rock painting that will be put around the school for other children to read.  


Pure sports are back this week, so they have had plenty of PE with most children taking up the after school multisports club. There are definitely some basketball players of the future in the class! 


We are enjoying reading with the children and Miss Leigh has been particularly impressed with the way children are sounding out their words and able to talk about the book they are reading. Lots of children going up a book band level!


Finally, well done Liberty & Fyn who were elected as Oak class’s School Council representatives.


Here’s to an equally action packed week 5!


Best wishes.


Miss Leigh & Ms Stevens

Oak Class teaching team

Week 3 - weekly update in brief

17th September 2021


It's been a busy week with lots to celebrate. The children are getting used to the Oak class routines and adapting to the pace in learning and writing!


We've classified rocks in Science, ordered and partitioned numbers to 1,000 in Maths, played our first game of basket ball (some great skills in the class too), played football every break and lunch!, planned and written a diary entry as Paddington, in the first person with some new time conjunctions, and had a lovely Friday afternoon watching the film Paddington Bear with Ms Stevens.


Lots of class awards have been given out over the past two weeks - images below of some of the winners. There is a class reading trophy for someone who has read every weekday and reached the top of our class reading rainbow, a class learner of the week trophy, a kindness bucket medal, table marble points of the week trophy/prizes (well done Red table for winning two weeks in a row) and finally a sports person of the week trophy. 


Sleep well Oak Class and we look forward to seeing you next week!


Miss Leigh & Ms Stevens

Our class rewards - winners from weeks 2 & 3

Week 3 - Science: sorting and classifying rocks

Week 3 - Maths: ordering numbers from 0 to 1,000 (they are in order, promise!)

Week 3 - GPS lesson; using conjunctions in a sentences

Week 3 - maths - place value using base 10

Week 2 Oak Class news in brief!

10th September 2021


What a busy week! We've started our place value topic in maths and it is clear we have a very keen and able class of mathematicians!


In English, we have eased ourselves into writing again, by talking about the different word classes, and building up to writing a short poem about Planet Earth, based on the book by Oliver Jeffers, Here we are.


In Science, we started our investigation into rocks by going on a rock hunt in the school grounds - and looking at some of the amazing rocks the school have and in Miss Leigh's cabinet of curiosities in the classroom. Thank you to Ms Stevens for providing such new expertise in this subject!


The children enjoyed their introduction to French lesson - counting to 10 in French and learning how to ask someone how they are and what their name and age is. We also performed heads, shoulders, knees and toes in French! If you want to give it a go the link is here: 


We've been so impressed by their kindness to each other and others. Keep it up Oak class! A kindness trophy reward is coming their way soon. 


Have a lovely weekend. 


Miss Leigh & Ms Stevens

Oak Class teaching team

Week 2 - Outdoor learning place value grids

Week 2 - Partitioning tens and ones

Week 1

3rd September 2021

Welcome to the new Oak class. We've hopefully had a fun couple of days, getting to know each other and gently starting into the new learning for the year.


The children have signed the Class charter (our rules), written their passports to Oak class, done some Supermover times table practise, listened to the story of 'The boy, the mole, the fox and the horse' and then drawn their own versions of the story around the idea of kindness. They have already impressed us with their knowledge, enthusiasm and engagement with their learning. Looking forward to the coming year!


Miss Leigh & Ms Stevens

Oak Class teaching team

Meet the teaching team presentation

Hadlow Primary School

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