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HadlowPrimary School

Happiness, Progress, Success

Term 3



Spellings will be set here every week and will be tested or recapped with challenges every Friday. These will be words selected from the Sir Linkalot spelling and word exploration app (see letter from Miss Chapman). Please encourage your child to use the app to recap and consolidate their learning at home, then apply their spelling words in a fun, creative way (please see the documents under the Home Learning tad for further ideas).

Username: Hadlow

Access Code: AA5LGEUU98


In class we will also be exploring expressive, precise vocabulary choices (along with spelling patterns and high frequency words) and a range of topic specific/technical language.


Week 1: Level 3: Patient Potter

Week 2: Level 3: Weird Wordsworth 

Week 3: Level 3: Weird Wordsworth

Week 4: Level 3: Anxious Austen

First News iHub Leader Board:

1st Place: Vinnie K (6,385 points)

2nd Place: Naaman (5,850 points)

3rd Place: Harley (5,645 points)

Weekly Update: Week 4

What a wonderful week in so many ways, Science Week is always a real highlight in the school calendar!


We have enjoyed various experiments and investigations ranging from cress experiments to construction, from discussions about science in different jobs to dissection! The Year 6 Science Fair was a huge success and we are all so proud of what the children achieved - huge amounts of knowledge and confidence! smiley


But of course we have suffered a Covid outbreak too, please keep testing daily and keep in touch if you have any questions or require any extra support! I look forward to seeing everyone one back in class safe, healthy and happy as soon as possible!


Take care, keep safe and get well soon!


Miss Hooper x

Weekly Update: Week 3

What a productive week! smiley 


In Maths we have consolidated our learning surrounding fractions, decimals and percentages with complex problem solving, reasoning challenges and SATs style questions. I am so proud of the engagement, progress and growth mindset show by all, our arithmetic and mental maths scores have improved so much recently! 


During our English sessions we have been exploring vocabulary and sentence structure; we have used drama work and hot-seating to infer extra information and add detail; we have created beautiful fact files and emotive diary entries and we have developed our comprehensions skills.


Please remember that next week is Science Week and that your child's project is due in school on Tuesday 25th January. We will be spending some time in school on Monday and Tuesday afternoon adding finishing touches and equipment from our brilliant science cupboard. Please also see the ParentMail for your parental invite.


Many thanks for all your efforts at home with your child's Science Fair Project - we are looking forward to a terrific presentation! 


Have a lovely weekend,


Miss Hooper x 



Weekly Update: Week 2

This week we unveiled our new and exciting topic: Clockwork by Philip Pullman. During this topic we will be exploring creative writing; learning about time, and the history of clocks, and we will use our science time to discover the power of cogs, springs and pulleys. This week we created our special project books which we decorated with card, metallic tape and technical drawings of this space for our amazing, creative learning!


In our math lessons we have been matching up fractions, decimals and percentages; we have reviewed our understanding of fraction calculation, finding different fractions of different amounts and we extended our learning further with percentages.


Sir Linkalot, our new Spelling App, has been a huge success! We are thoroughly enjoying learning the different strategies and applying our spellings into extended, interesting sentences. Keep looking through the set spellings at home, you are doing a great job! smiley


In English we have focused on detailed setting descriptions; developing our questioning and prediction skills and creative vocabulary development - some really beautiful and effective imagery! 


Have a lovely weekend and keep working hard on your Science Fair Projects!


Miss Hooper x


Weekly Update: Week 1

Welcome back to Term 3 and Happy New Year!


This week we have eased ourselves into the new term with some varied mental maths; a recap of calculation and fractions calculation; an exploration of the much loved, beautifully illustrated book: The Boy, the mole, the fox and the horse (we also created our own artwork and uplifting sayings inspired from this text); some sweet classification (modelling a dichotomous key for science) and we have spent some time looking at who we are as people and creating our New Year Resolutions. 


This is going to be a very busy, exciting term with lots of creativity and science! Our creative topic will be revealed on Monday and I know you are all working hard on your Science Fair Projects ahead of the Yr 6 Science Fair on Wednesday 26th January - please let us know if you require any additional support or resources.


Have a lovely weekend,


Miss Hooper x 


Don't forget, swimming starts again on Monday 10th January!

Hadlow Primary School

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