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HadlowPrimary School

Happiness, Progress, Success

Term 2

Encounter with Iron Man, Music, Experimenting in Science and more!

Our Wonderful Learning - Animation (Computing), Music, Setting Descriptions, French Puppets and more!

It was another full and varied week in Oak Class! In English, we created vivid setting descriptions focusing on the arrival of the Iron Man in a stormy, coastal sea. We continued our block of learning on addition and subtraction in Maths, working with inverse operations, problem solving and estimation.


In Computing the children created flipbooks to demonstrate how animation (and any film) is just a collection of lots of "moving" pictures! In Music, we explored Night on a Bare Mountain and discussed what we thought could be happening as the music changed tempo, pitch and tone.


The children created finger puppets in French; balanced both gymnastics and dance in PE; continued developing their Holbein-style portraits in Art; explored how Diwali is celebrated in RE; demonstrated the various ways that force can be used to push and pull objects in Science; among other things! 


In Week 3, the children can wear odd socks on Monday (13th November) and their own clothes - spotty if possible - on Friday (17th November) for Children in Need!


Our ClassDojo stars this week were:

1. Bluebell - 81

2. Violet - 77

3. Skylar & Harry - 68


Spellings for Week 3

(13-11-2023 to 17-11-2023)

actual, circle, favourite, ordinary, learn, special

Welcome back, Oak Class!

After creating half-term posters on Monday morning, we were straight back into our learning with a Monday of Maths, English and GPS. In English this week we started exploring The Iron Man by Ted Hughes - we gathered interesting vocabulary, made predictions and inferences, created incredible illustrations and then wrote descriptive poetry about our first impressions of the Iron Man. Over the coming weeks we will build vivid setting descriptions, imaginative character descriptions, report on the Iron Man's activities in a News Report and write a Diary Entry of Hogarth's experiences. 


In Maths this week we developed our understanding of addition and subtraction by using the column method. We are adding and subtracting two- and three-digit numbers, and now both carrying and borrowing across 10s and 100s. Next week we will continue to consolidate using both pictorial methods and the column method, before moving onto multiplication and division from Week 4.


In History we introduced our new topic: The Tudors! We discovered who the Tudors were, began creating portraits inspired by Holbein in Art, and created family-posters to support our understanding of timelines and chronology. Next week we will look more specifically at the Battle of Bosworth and the rise of Henry VII. 


Our new Science topic is Forces! The children created "what do we know" mind maps and then got active, demonstrating their understanding of pushing, pulling, twisting, and balanced and unbalanced forces. Our week also included an iRock assembly - with PJ as the school's keenest keyboard star - as well as dance with Pure Sports, kindness and valuing differences in PSHE, discussing and presenting what (and why) we celebrate events in RE, and some fabulous French with Mrs Austin!


We were thrilled to have all but one Home Learning book returned, ready for them to go home on Friday. Our engagement with Home Learning is one of the best in the school and it really does make a difference in the classroom. Thank you!


Our ClassDojo stars this week were:

1. Bluebell - 57

2. Ethan - 53

3. Robyn - 52

Mr. Gilder has finally taken delivery of the prizes - some fancy stationery - which our three weekly stars will choose from and add to their Entrepreneur Challenge pencil cases. 


Spellings for Week 2

(06-11-2023 to 10-11-2023)

accidentally, certain, famous, knowledge, opposite, separate

Week 1 Spellings

30-11-2023 to 03-11-2023

accident, century, extreme, island, often, sentence

Term 2 - British Classics & The Tudors

Hadlow Primary School

Hadlow, Tonbridge, Kent, TN11 0EH