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HadlowPrimary School

Happiness, Progress, Success

Term 3

Today we played a game called ladders and it included prefixes. We was all in a groups of twos because it stands like a ladder. 

Jaws n claws came to see us it was very scary, fun. Miss Steven even got a snake 🐍 around her neck and she had a dragon lizard 🦎 on her head. We all got to hold or touch one if u didn’t want to u didn’t have to. There was a snake that had loads of scales;Most people held all of them or touched them.We got to hold a snake what has 200-400 bones lungs wise 3. We saw snakes, lizard, Tarantula, Tenrec and  cockroaches.



Today, we all did stretches before we did gymnastics. Some people got chosen to pick a warm up. In gymnastics he did lots of different balances🤩.

Today we discussed what makes a good website 😁. Then we went outside and played a game to help us learn prefixes. The game was hot potato.

Today we played dodge ball of course we did stretches first because if you didn’t then it will make you have cramps ☹️. We were in a match with different teams each time we play.

Zones Of Regulation 


When we did Zones of Regulation, we described emotions like; blue (sadness), green (happy or content), yellow (worried or silly) and red (angry or mad). We also did some activities in groups and partners. We discussed how the colours will make people feel.

Today (10.1.20) in the afternoon we did some Art.We glued in some of our previous work, and finished our last term picture. We are doing 1point perspective in art. Then we are doing DT (design technology😃). Our DT will connect with Science.This is some of the people in our class doing work on 1point perspective.


Hadlow Primary School

Hadlow, Tonbridge, Kent, TN11 0EH