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HadlowPrimary School

Happiness, Progress, Success

Term 5


Spellings will continue to follow the Sir Linkalot App and will be sign posted here weekly. Please encourage your child to explore spelling and vocabulary to help them with all their learning - please see the Spelling Section under the Oak Home Learning tab for extra support and ideas.


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Oak Class:  Term 5 Week 6 


Hello everyone,


The Oak Class Learning Team (Term 5) would like to say a heartfelt thanks to our incredibly special class for their continued focus and motivation this term.  We have thoroughly enjoyed sharing their learning journey and are all, adults, and children alike, looking forward to welcoming Mr Gilder into the fold.  


This week, our pupils have had an opportunity to review the various terms for division, extending their knowledge into the realms of short division, and discussing, once again, the inverse and the opportunities this provides to check our answers.   


We have explored, whilst referencing a lovely book called The Tin Forest, abstract noun poetry.  This book also provided an opportunity to reflect on how we can positively affect our environment.  You may now officially call your children composers, as they put together a piece of music for presentation to the class (in groups, and group sizes, of their own choosing). 


The class have reviewed their learning on plants and have been enthralled to learn about tsunamis and their effect.  The students have also been perfecting their batting, bowling and fielding skills in cricket (Pure Sport have introduced them to Kwik Cricket, a great version of this game, tailor-made for their age group).  


We look forward to seeing what Mr Gilder has up his sleeve for the class next term and hope you and your children thoroughly enjoy the well-deserved, fast approaching break.  See you in Term 6 (and just a reminder that Monday, 5th June, is an inset day). 


Thank you for your support this term – we have very much appreciated it.


Kind regards

Oak Class Teaching Team



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Oak Class:  Term 5 Week 5


Hello everyone,


So lovely to see the weather improving as we creep ever closer to the end of Term 5. 


English this week has afforded Oak Class the opportunity to explore non-chronological report writing, whilst investigating a World Heritage site in Australia (do ask them to share their knowledge on estuarine crocodiles and cassowaries).  We have been discussing the mathematical terms for multiplication, recalling our 4 and 8 times table multiplication facts, an ongoing skill, whilst noting the connections between them, and using the grid method of multiplication. 


In addition to increasing our knowledge of extreme natural disasters, the Oak class pupils have painted fabulous landscapes this week using only the primary colours.  Our plants continue to thrive, and we hope to ensure future growth (and productivity) by planting them in our allotment patch before the end of term. 


Wishing you a lovely weekend!  Thank you for continuing to send in the Home Learning, and for your support of both the Oak Class Learning Team and, obviously, your children.


Kind regards

Oak Class Teaching Team

Oak Class:  Term 5 Week 4


Hello everyone, 


Another Bank holiday ‘done and dusted,’ resulting in, once more, a rather short week. We have, nevertheless, managed to pack quite a bit of learning in once again.  


 This week has provided an opportunity to reflect on the incredible British ability to showcase tradition and pageantry. We have spent the week, in English, consolidating our skills in story map production, recounting an event, and creating a diary entry.


Maths saw Oak class revisiting multiplication, discussing mathematical terminology and the variety of multiplication methods, employing inverse operations as a checking strategy and utilising relevant manipulatives. Your children should now be able to discuss the layers of the Earth and explain how volcanoes are formed, in Geography.  


As they have planted their own seedlings, and can detail what a plant needs to survive, Oak class should now confidently be able to grow, and maintain, their own at home if provided with the relevant accoutrements.  


Thank you to those who have sent in home learning – it is always a joy to see the creative flair invested in items sent in (physically or by e-mail). 


Wishing you all a lovely (and, hopefully, ‘extreme weather’-free) weekend! 


Kind regards,

Oak Class Teaching Team


Oak Class:  Term 5 Week 3 


Hello everyone, 


How quickly we have arrived at this point in the week, once again. This week, in Maths, we have looked at adding 10, and 100, more or less to a given number, whilst English has involved empathising with a character, considering another’s perspective, and planning a diary entry. We continue to study plants in science and have started to learn about volcanoes in Geography. The most exciting event of the week, however, has been our class trip to the Living Land event (at Detling Showgrounds). It was a whirlwind trip, action-packed from start to finish, and I do hope your children were excited to share some of the activities in which they were involved. A big thank you to our staff for their help, and to our parent helpers, whom we hope also enjoyed the day. Our week closes with a nod to the King’s Coronation. We do hope that the weather will be clement this Bank Holiday weekend, particularly if you are planning any outside activities. A reminder, please, to send in home books – if mislaid, please do let us know and we will replace the book. Thank you!


Kind regards

Oak Class Teaching Team



Oak Class:  Term 5 Week 2


Hello everyone,


Oak Class have been using inverse operations this week in their Mathematics lessons, so please do ask your children if they can explain to you what this entails.  We have also worked together to identify shapes and their properties (and are delighted to have heard the children using maths vocabulary such as faces, edges and vertices in their discussions).   


Continuing to work with “Where the Forest Meets the Sea”, we have focused on word classes, proof-reading and improving an author’s writing, creating some fabulous descriptive phrases.   


Science has involved studying the parts of plants and their functions and researching interesting plant-related facts. Inching ever closer to creating our own landscapes paintings, we are preparing by successfully mixing the primary colours to match the shades used in some examples of Japanese mountain paintings.  Our most fun lesson, however, has been the creation of our very own Earths in playdough, each complete with core, mantle, crust, oceans, and continents, which we then cut up to expose the layers thereof – a great, and informative, team activity. Our week will be closing with an introduction to cricket, weather-permitting outside.   


We are all relishing the thought of the Bank holiday weekend after a busy week and are keeping fingers crossed for lovely weather. Just a quick reminder that our Living Land school trip (at Detling Showgrounds) will be taking place on Thursday, 4th May 2023, and it will be an early start (8.20am in school please).  If you have not yet confirmed your child’s attendance, please do respond to our ParentMail in that regard.   


In closing, a reminder to please send in your children’s Home Learning books if you have not already done so. Many thanks for your continued support and wishing you all a lovely weekend! 


Kind regards 

Oak Class Teaching Team 


Oak Class: Term 5 Week 1


Hello everyone,


After a lovely Easter break, Oak Class have hit the ground running this week. We are currently covering Place Value, and column addition and subtraction, with word challenges thrown in for good measure. 

We have been excited to commence our Term 5 English with a book called “Where the Forest Meets the Sea”, and have, for our Reading Theatre, had fun practising our reading fluency through our class performances of this engaging story. 


Our Geography topic this term will give us an opportunity to explore natural disasters, and their cause and effect, whilst in science we have already planted seeds in a bid to study what plants need to grow (this is the perfect opportunity to also populate our allotment at the same time). 


Please do ask your children about primary, secondary and tertiary colours as they have confidently painted a colour wheel this week, in preparation for a landscape painting later in the term. We have even squeezed in time for some French conversation. 


We cannot believe that we have already completed Week 1 of Term 5. 


We are so proud of our Oak Class - the children have engaged with their learning beautifully this week. Well done! 


Kind regards, 

Oak Class Teaching Team 

Hadlow Primary School

Hadlow, Tonbridge, Kent, TN11 0EH