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HadlowPrimary School

Happiness, Progress, Success

Term 4



Spellings will be set here every week and will be tested or recapped with challenges every Friday. These will be words selected from the Sir Linkalot spelling and word exploration app (see letter from Miss Chapman). Please encourage your child to use the app to recap and consolidate their learning at home, then apply their spelling words in a fun, creative way (please see the documents under the Home Learning tad for further ideas).

Username: Hadlow

Access Code: AA5LGEUU98


In class we will also be exploring expressive, precise vocabulary choices (along with spelling patterns and high frequency words) and a range of topic specific/technical language.


Week 1: Level 3: Anxious Austen

Week 2: Level 3: Diamond Dickinson 

Week 3: Level 3: Diamond Dickinson 

Week 4: Level 3: Diamond Dickinson 

Week 5: Level 3: Diamond Dickinson 

First News iHub Leader Board:

1st Place: Harley (9,025 points)

2nd Place: Ella (6,175 points)

3rd Place: Jocie (3,185 points)

Weekly Update: Week 5

This week we have completed our assessments and I am delighted to see huge amounts of growing confidence and clear progress! Next week I will be writing to you to give you further information about the up and coming KS2 SATs, the exam timetable and some key revision advice.


We have also explored mathematical terminology, 2D and 3D shape and a selection of reasoning problems. In English we have used our ever expanding vocabulary to enhance our creative writing, and we have used our historical knowledge to create a detailed non-fiction explanation text. 


With the welcome change in weather we have enjoyed more outdoor learning and preparations for our Olympic Games are well underway...Our four teams: Hades, Hera, Poseidon and Athena are busy preparing their sports skills, performances and their banners/artwork. It is sure to be quite the event! (Photos to follow next week!)


Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the sunshine,


Miss Hooper x  

Weekly Update: Week 4

Yet another busy week in Rowan Class with assessments and so much creative learning! smiley


In History we have delved even further into our Ancient Greek topic by looking at domestic daily life, the difference between Athens and Sparta and the life of a Hoplite. 


To begin our new Science topic, Evolution, we created a very impressive Toilet Roll Timeline - demonstrating the history of our planet. We worked hard in three different teams to make sure that our research, maths and layout was accurate - very impressive team work!


In Maths we have moved on to the topic of shape. Using the famous artist, Kandinsky, we have explored and analysed shape, measure, angles and key vocabulary. Watch this space to see our 'Maths Artwork.'


In English we are exploring the 'Wrath of Poseidon' as Odysseus and his crew battle to return home to rocky Ithaca - will they ever make it home? To enhance our writing we are using different poetic techniques and water colour illustrations.


Have a lovely weekend,


Miss Hooper x 


Weekly Update: Week 3

This week we have resumed our focus on 'The Adventures of Odysseus.' In English we have been using empathy and drama to understand the emotional context of the Trojan War; writing heartfelt letters to Queen Penelope. We have also studied the gruesome encounter with Polyphemus - creating our own mythical creatures, based on the natural world.


In history we have researched the origins of the Olympics. Over the next few weeks we will be designing our own Olympic project/ this space! 


In Maths we have continued our study of measure, using protractors to measure and construct accurately and learning how to solve/calculate missing angle problems. 


Next week is our assessment week - please ensure that you are using home learning time to cover GPS terminology; going through comprehension strategies or recapping tricky maths areas - thank you in advance!


Have a lovely weekend,


Miss Hooper x 


Weekly Update: Week 2

What a wonderful Book Week! smiley


We have thoroughly enjoyed a brilliant week of varied texts, engaging activities and so much fun! Here is just a sample of our favourite activities: KS2 Spelling Bee, Whole School Poetry Theatre, The Writing Competition, Parent Readers, Dress Up Day, Drama Workshop, The Masked Reader...the list goes on and on!


Congratulations to our Winners:

Writing Competition: Skye

Book Day Costume: Mia 


We have also loved exploring a wide range of different texts. We used Kensuke's Kingdom to get lost on a island; we used Quest (a book without words) to explore structure and magical vocabulary and we used The Hobbit to create imagery and suspense. What an amazing selection of books and super creative learning!


In maths we have continued our focus on measure with construction, accurate drawing, perimeter and area - we even managed some really tricky compound shapes!


Phew, what a week! Have a lovely weekend and don't forget that Home Learning is due every Wednesday!


Miss Hooper x



Weekly Update: Week 1

Welcome back to Term 4! it is so wonderful to have a full Rowan Class again with everyone back together, engaging with learning and excited for the term ahead! smiley


This week we have launched our new History Topic: Ancient Greece. We have studied a number of different Greek Gods and Goddesses and we have focused on the prologue to our new text, Prince Paris and the Golden Apple - the origins of the Trojan War. We have developed our learning further with research, story mapping, drama, comic strips, team work and by rewriting the story in our own words - a brilliant start to the term!


In Maths we have been very busy with measure conversion, reading scales and an Active Maths session where we measured length, time, mass, temperature and capacity. This term we will be covering measure, shape and data; with additional retrieval of number, calculation and fractions.


Please make sure that you are helping your child with their Home Learning and guiding them to the online learning resources - if you need any additional resources or support please contact me via the Rowan Class email.


Have a lovely weekend,


Miss Hooper x 


Reminders: Next week is Book Week, please see the Newsletter for further information - get your costumes ready for Friday!


Hadlow Primary School

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